UNITED STATES—Have you recently bought yourself a dry herb vaporizer but don’t know how to use it? Do you want to know the mistakes you should avoid when using a dry herb vaporizer?

Today, one of the most popular products on the cannabis market is the dry herb vaporizer. They have quickly become the consumption method of choice because of how much they have to offer and how convenient they are to use. If you’re interested in the latest dry herb vaporizers, check out Grasscity, which is the best place to buy a vaporizer. However, not everyone knows how to use a dry herb vaporizer, and they make quite a few mistakes. So, if you are new to dry herb vaporizers, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Using the Correct Temperature

Most dry herb vaporizers have temperature settings that allow you to set the temperature to something optimal for you. Different temperature settings on the vaporizer will allow you to have a different experience, depending on your choice.

Unlike other consumption methods like smoking, there is no combustion involved, which means that you can get more out of your weed. However, when it comes to temperature settings, some temperatures are correct, and others are not.

The best temperature range for vaping cannabis is between 347F and 392F. This is the perfect balance where you get the most out of both the cannabinoids and the terpenes. You don’t want to go higher or lower than this because you will then lose out on the quality. However, the higher temperature offers a faster high, while the lower temperatures provide a more flavorful experience.

Using Oils Instead of Dry Herb

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when using a dry herb vaporizer is using cannabis oil or concentrate instead. This is one of the fastest ways for you to damage or break your vaporizers.

Dry herb vaporizers are not a one size fits all, and they do not accommodate concentrates and oils, which means you need to make sure you are only putting the actual weed flower into your dry herb vaporizer chamber.

While some devices are suited to this kind of vaping, they are far more expensive and have quite a few extra parts to think about. So, before you think about using concentrate in your vape, read the instructions to ensure that this is fine.

Not Cleaning Often Enough

Something that many people don’t tend to think about is cleaning their vape. Most vaporizers that use concentrates will have disposable pods, so you don’t need to spend the time or effort cleaning them.

However, when it comes to dry herb vaporizers, not cleaning your device is a big mistake that can shorten your device’s lifespan and dampen your experience. For good measure, it is a good idea to clean out the debris from the chamber after every session. And then, once every 3 or 4 sessions, do a deep clean by taking the device apart and ensuring that every component is clean.

Not Grinding or Packing Correctly

One of the key parts of a good vaping experience is grinding your weed. Yes, a whole nug will fit into your chamber. However, this will not give you nearly as much as you want from it. Grinding your weed is so important, especially when attempting to have a better experience.

By finely grinding your weed, you give it the most surface area for the heat to penetrate and for the cannabinoid and terpenes to be released. Grinding your weed also allows you to pack the chamber with as much weed as possible without wasting any space. Moreover, finely ground herb will also cook more evenly than a big chunk, and the uneven results won’t be nearly as good as a well-ground weed.