UNITED STATES—As we go through life, we face many different challenges and obstacles. Many days follow a familiar pattern and, over time, they blend into the backdrop of our existence. We have some days where we are blessed with peak experiences and extraordinary magic, beauty and love. Some of the time, though, we experience pain as we try to sort out what life is truly about. During these moments, we find ourselves longing for the bright light of our desires to show us the way. If you want to live your most beautiful life, it’s important to focus on exactly what you want from your existence and what steps you are willing to take to get there.

Work With a Life Coach

Sometimes letting stress go as it relates to chasing your dreams can feel impossible. It’s really helpful if you have an experienced guide who can lead you through exploring the aspirations that truly call to you. They can take you on a journey that puts you in touch with the things that are important to your heart and soul, not just your mind. One interesting thing a life coach might do is to take you through a process called a life blueprint. The results of this are always quite interesting. If you ask a client what they want to do in life, it’s almost never what they are currently doing. If you ask them what they really want, that doesn’t make the cut either. Our true dreams are initially hidden, even from ourselves.

Build Your Wealth with Investments

If you want to truly get ahead in life and have the money and freedom to pursue all of your aspirations, you’ll want to take the time to focus on your investments. Real estate is a great option for both long-term appreciation and income generation. With real estate, it’s possible to buy shares in rental properties. You can also take advantage of the single-taxation of earnings when you work with a passthrough entity called a REIT. With only one level of taxation, REIT investors get to keep a bigger portion of their earnings.

Come Up with an Easy Way to Make Money

Sometimes it’s hard to make a living from your dreams. You may find it easier to just come up with a simple business model to bring in the cash you need. We always think we need to work for a big company, but there are some great examples of people who do easy, fun things and make great money too. When you try to force your dreams to be your income generator too, you often change their very nature. Instead of flowing with the purity and magic of your desires, you overlay the need to bring in income and start creating a new life vision that is no longer your dream.

Find Those Who Truly Believe in You

Birthing your ideal life is a fragile process that takes love and nurturing. Dreams can perish if they are left unattended, or if someone has a harsh opinion about your dream and the magic of who you are. Bringing your desires to the world is like creating a beautiful piece of art. You have to keep negative audiences away. The key to protecting your wishes from negativity is to surround you and your dream with people who truly believe in what you are doing. Allies always appear in a hero’s journey, and their presence can be the difference between failure and success.