SAN FRANCISCO—A graphic video has surfaced online showing an 85-year-old man being attacked while praying outside of Planned Parenthood facility in San Francisco March 21. Ron, a long-time 40 Days for Life leader, was repeatedly kicked by a supporter of Planned Parenthood. The attacker cut the group’s signature banner with a pair of scissors and knocked Ron and another volunteer to the ground.

As seen in the YouTube video that went viral, Ron attempted to stop the same attacker from stealing the sign by holding on to it and sticking the sign pole through the spokes of the man’s bike. The attacker responded by pushing Ron to the ground with his bike, and said “Old man, stay on the ground old man, unless you want to get hurt.” The suspect started kicking Ron and the video ended.

Ron has been leading the pro-life campaign in San Francisco for years. 40 Days for Life responded on Twitter saying “It’s important to share stories when altercations like this occur because peaceful demonstration and prayer is a protected First Amendment right we must defend. Ron had the right, too, to defend himself and his property.”

The San Francisco Police Department is searching for the individual who attacked Ron, who sustained bruises from the attack. Ron is continuing to praying outside of Planned Parenthood.

“This attack on an 85-year old man – who has been leading the San Francisco campaign for years — by a young aggressor shows that the idea that San Francisco is tolerant is a joke,” said Shawn Carney, president and CEO of 40 Days for Life in a statement. “We believe every person should be treated with kindness, love and respect, even those with whom we may disagree. That said, over the past few months, we have seen an increase in violence from abortion supporters in an effort to instill fear and deter our law-abiding volunteers.”