HOLLYWOOD—We have had plenty of shark flicks in my lifetime, however, nothing, and I mean nothing will ever be able to compare to “Jaws.” I mean come on people that flick is a classic. However, I have to give honorable mentions to flicks like “Deep Blue Sea” and “The Shallows” that made the idea of going into the water scary again.

You might want to add another flick to that list, “47 Meters Down” starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt. Now, I’ve never been the biggest fan of a movie where the mass majority of the flick takes places in an isolated location. That is no easy feat to accomplish because the viewer can easily become bored with looking at the same scenery for more than 90 minutes. In most cases flicks that have successfully maneuvered such a technique, rely on an important element in the world of thrillers: suspense.

The movie stars Moore and Holt as sisters Lisa and Kate who decide to do some cage diving with sharks while in Mexico. Warning: if you have never done something and are quite apprehensive about doing so, don’t be afraid to not do it; it can sometimes lead to chaos. As the ladies prepare to make memories in the water, it becomes a day Kate and Lisa never forget, as everything that could possibly go wrong transpires. The cable supporting the cage fractures, dropping the ladies to the bottom of the water with sharks surrounding their presence.

This is where that heightened level of suspense comes in courtesy of writer and director Johannes Roberts. This could have easily turned into a clichéd flick with ineffective scares or thrills; however, this movie becomes an adrenaline rush. As a viewer, you instantly place yourself in the shoes of these characters, wondering how the hell you would escape such a precarious situation if it happened to you. As those on the surface attempt to rescue Kate and Lisa, both sisters grapple with the panic of losing air and becoming a meal from a dangerous beast of the waters. Strategy kicks in, panic kicks in and each time the ladies attempt escape a surprise transpires that makes escape riskier. There are hands down several jump out your seat, leave you screaming moments that transpire while watching this flick.

It’s exciting, riveting and I cannot help, but talk about that twist of an ending that will indeed catch moviegoers off guard. Is the twist mind-blowing? No, but it definitely pulls the wool over the viewer who becomes so sutured by what is transpiring, you can connect the dots if you got back to the beginning. I will admit, “47 Meters Down” was a shark flick that totally took me by surprise and I enjoyed watching every moment of the dangers of venturing into the water and why sharks still scare the crap out of people today.