LOUIS—I will admit I was quite worried for the San Francisco 49ers in their game against the St. Louis Rams, but the team found a way to rally to victory 31-17. The Rams whose season has been dismal to begin with, were the first to strike with two touchdowns in the first quarter giving them a 14-0 lead over the 49ers.

It looked like the 49ers were out of energy for most of the first half, but they found a way to rebound in the second quarter grabbing a touchdown and field goal to cut their opponents lead to only 4-points at half-time. Half-time proved to be effective for SF as they returned to the game fully energized.

They added two touchdowns to the leader board giving them a 24-14 lead as they headed into the fourth quarter. Could St. Louis make a comeback in the fourth quarter? Nope, the 49ers defense was in full force limiting the team to only a field goal in the final quarter. The 49ers added points to the leader board with another touchdown.

SF quarterback Colin Kaepernick completed 22 of 36 passes in the game and had a total of 343 yards, while Rams quarterback Austin Davis completed 21 of 42 passes and 236 yards in the game. Both teams limited themselves to just 1 turnover during the game. The 49ers will next face the Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 19.