UNITED STATES—Jet setting around the world is everybody’s dream, taking in the different cultures all corners of the earth have to offer. But once you are gone, there is no way of nipping back home to pick up something you have forgotten. Here are 5 essentials belongings not to leave on the kitchen counter:

It is the most important document you’ll need, as if you forget it you won’t be able to get on the plane! Your passport is the best form of identity you’ll have, as many countries may disregard your national card or driving license. Countries such as Thailand and Australia will not let you in if your passport expires within 6 months, so double check what the regulations are in the country you are visiting.


If you are staying local or travelling around the whole world, having a camera is essential so you can capture all the great sites you are taking in. Either a traditional filmed camera or a high-tech digital one are both suitable, but if you are going to take the latter, make sure you have got a watertight case to eliminate the risk of damage.

Bug Repellent

This is highly dependent on what park of the world you are going to; you probably wouldn’t need this for a city break to New York! But if you are heading to the outback or a country with a tropical climate, it is massively important to remember some repellent. Bugs can bite or sting you, leading to a good chance of infection and illness, so be prepared.

A Form of Entertainment

During your travels, you’ll be spending a lot of time in airports and train stations, so you’ll need something to keep you occupied. One way is to choose a great book, The Beach by Alex Garland being a fine example of a travelling book. Alternatively, you can game online on your tablet or laptop to pass the time. Casino games on smartphones are becoming massively popular in modern society and you could even try win yourself an extra few dollars on the roulette to spend on your travels.

Ear Plugs

Be it in a dorm full of other travelers, or the flight back home, everyone wants a good night’s sleep. But it isn’t always that easier, so a pair of ear plugs are a must. You’ll be able to drift off to the land of nod without any troubles by blocking out all the surrounding noise. An eye mask may also be a good idea, to keep out any unwanted lights.

About the author: James Westerman, a freelance writer, has been producing online copy for the last 5 years. Graduating out of University of Sheffield Hallam with a first honours degree in English Literature, James is currently residing out of Liverpool, United Kingdom. His main passions in life are writing, movies and cooking but he also has interest in sports, including football and follows Everton football club.