UNITED STATES—Beauty is all round. It is a combination of the face, the heart and style. Generally, people notice the dressing style before they notice any other thing. Women take time to decide what to wear for every occasion as compared to men. Fashion and style are old as human nature.

Your style may also impress your partner. Lesbians are usually keen about what to wear on the date. Before going to a date with a lesbian woman, ask her what she would love you to wear. It’s cool when your clothes and your girl’s clothes match the color or style.

It is worth noting, lesbian women can help you get valuable advice on fashion and style. These tips range from simple to complex. Below are important style tips that every woman should know.

Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit

Clothes may be baggy but fitting in the right places. But having too baggy clothes and not in style is wrong. Also, clothes cannot be small and still fit. Having fitting outfits in your closet is very key.

Whenever you are out shopping, don’t rush. Always try out, or be sure of your size in case you are buying online. Your girlfriend will definitely tell you which outfit to choose. By the way, lesbians are very stylish. Have you ever seen a lesbian girl wearing non-trendy jeans?

You can try a fitting trial with your partner. This works pretty well for lesbian couples. You both try fitting part of your closet and sort your clothes. Some may even fit your partner better.

Get rid of your old outfit

Never keep an old outfit. There are many ways to dispose of such outfit; you can choose to sell the clothes that you have gently used. Take them to consignment shops that buy used clothes, do good research for the one that will give you better prices.

You can also sell your clothes online. Choose a website, take good pictures and set the best prices and let go of those outfits to another woman.

You can also donate or give them to a homeless shelter. You can visit a point of donation with your partner as a form of love.

Find a good tailor

Not everyone can afford to get clothes from designers like Christian Dior or other outspoken designers and tailors. If you love fashion and style, you always need a good tailor. Seek recommendations from friends and family, try the tailor and see if they work with your type of body and fashion needs.

Check online for leads and reviews on different tailors. Look at their portfolio and previous work. this will be a good preparation for living together for lesbians: being able to hear your partner’s wishes is very important. Get one that is flexible and willing to make changes to clothes in case you need them done.

Always have a white fitted shirt

White is fit for people who are honest, transparent and receptive to new ideas. White can also be worn with many other colors and the style still looks pretty cool. White is the color of freedom. I hope that soon the world will be free of stereotypes. Let’s learn from lesbian couples!

White shirts can be worn on different occasions; dates, weddings and official meetings. They can be worn with skirts, shorts and trousers.

The type of fabric for the white shirt is important for how the complete look will be. Linen shirts will match with linen skirts and trousers but may not match with Jersey fabric shorts.

Do not forget to accessorize

No style is complete without accessories. The type of accessory to match an outfit matters. Accessories range from your perfume, phone to the facemask that is now a requirement whenever you need to go out.

Always wear accessories that match your outfit and style. For indoor events may be on a date don’t wear too much cologne, it may irritate the people around you, for example, catching a movie.

Wallets and purses are key to style. Always bring a purse that suits the event. If you need to carry a lot of stuff, you need a big one. For a date where you just need to bring your credit card then a small purse will do.

Be aware of your body type and what works for you. You can ask your sweetheart to help you figure it out. Let you and your partner explore fashion together and find what looks good on you.

In the long run, fashion and style is about comfort. It is better to wear fitting clothes for comfort. Too big or too small outfits are a no go zone. You will be either pulling up or down trying to be comfortable which may lead to unrest.