UNITED STATES—Yes, we know how annoying is the Merry Christmas theme songs in October when you stroll down the supermarket searching for your favorite food. However, the midfall makes a perfect time to start researching fresh New Year ideas for essays to promote your services on the web and make that SEO finally work for you. On the one hand, you’ll get the New Year writing prompts ready to customize. On the other, you’ll have more time to come up with an essay that will resonate with your buyers and get the most clicks. And even though one size doesn’t fit all the businesses and all the audiences, check out this New Year Topic list writing to consider creating some for your website.

Decoration Themes

It doesn’t matter what kind of service you offer to your customers online – chances are they all decorate their homes for the winter holidays. Why not publish how you can give your house a New Year sparkle? EduBirdie – essay writing service – advises considering the following writing tips to make your essay get read. Entrusting professionals with responsible work is always a good choice.

  1. Think about the customer’s budget. Yes, you can list items from really expensive decoration companies and handcrafted item, but…will it resonate if the majority of your visitors are college students? Most likely no, as they wouldn’t be able to afford it. Titles like “Top 5 Cheap Decor Ideas that Look Expensive” will be the best option here. Let’s be honest: everyone wants to get more while paying less.
  2. Choose the style. If you’re dealing with selling fruit and veggies, your best and safest bet is to offer the decoration for the table made of fresh fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to include the plates for the youngest ones – this is where your fantasy gets unleashed while creating the creatures all kiddos will crave to devour.
  3. Consider material. Are you into something organic or eco-friendly? Write about how one can decorate their houses without any plastic. You might get surprised by the number of clicks your article will get.

Psychology Stuff

Do you know what lays behind our New Year oaths to start something new or quit a bad habit? If you are a psychology practitioner, this is an open field for you to reveal the good, bad, and ugly of the annual ritual. Check the most googled topics to tweak them to your website and customers – and there you have it. Look at the few to think about.

  1. New Year Resolutions: Do they even work? Describe the whole mechanisms of controlling your habits and how promising to start something works or why it doesn’t.
  2. Top things to quit this year and how to set about. The most painful is to start, but as a knowledgeable and competent person, you can guide the reader through their journey to a better life. Plus, you can low-key advertise your services.
  3. I promise you. It’s a fact that we are more likely to complete something if we promised somebody to do so. Why don’t discover the hidden part of it and explain why it’s s?

Gift Ideas

We couldn’t miss this one because every year people crack their heads finding the perfect gift to give to their nearest and dearest. How to write something fresh and clickable? Here are some tips.

  1. Search the novelties. Any brand-new gadgets? List them for the techy people. The famous brand launched a new cosmetics? Make sure it’s on your list. New experiences near your place? Mention them too! It’s not only a great idea to post a nice article but also a chance to reach out to the colleagues and do a bit of link building thing.
  2. Worst New Year Gifts. This is your chance to mock all the worst givers you’ve had. It can be a compilation from the TV shows, interviews with celebrities, or your own experience.
  3. How to pack your gift for it to look better. A fact: well-packed gift will look more expensive because of the package. Teach the folks how to add value to what they give.

Ways to Celebrate

Parties aren’t for everyone, but no one wants to sit at home and go to bed at 11 pm on New Year’s eve. Come up with extraordinary ways to start the next year for those who aren’t party animals. Below are the things to take into account.

  1. Really weird ways to start this year right. Themed AA-like meetings, alcohol-free start, a masterclass in pottery or cookie baking — options galore. Plus, you’ll reach out to the alike weirdos.
  2. Movie places stroll. This is for the residents of the big cities where you create a map of the famous locations from the New Year movies. NYC would be an ideal place but London has also a lot of places to show around.
  3. When it went all wrong: top disastrous New Year celebrations. Well, this is pretty straightforward.

To-go Places

Perfect theme for the companies working at the hospitality and service. Many people want to switch cold/hot places to the contrary, so here you can help them with creating top lists of winter destinations for holidays. This is what you should include into.

  1. Make sure you have something for each taste. Luxury trips, a budget family vacay, group, or solo – you never know what the reader is looking for. The best thing is to include those types that your business resonates with.
  2. Analyze logistics behind it. People want to know how much is a return ticket to Phucket in December-January. Make research to help them a bit, but make sure to mention that the prices are subject to change.
  3. Include pictures. Yes, many pictures. Preferably from the travel bloggers accounts who have them posted on the web but give credits for each.

It was a short-list for you to start your exploration of what can you offer for your readers. Do you have any suggestions to add? We’ll gladly read them in the comment section!