UNITED STATES—Investing in the right appliances can make your home more comfortable and functional. With modern technology continuing to evolve, home appliances have become more sophisticated in addressing basic human needs. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to upgrade your existing house tech, it’s time to delve into the five appliances that you should not be without.


No home should ever be without a refrigerator. In fact, if there is one kitchen appliance that you absolutely must have, it has to be a refrigerator. Even those who don’t cook at all will still need a refrigerator to store beverages (see here for more), dairy items, fruits, and vegetables, among other things. No matter how big or small, you can never underestimate the importance of having a fridge at home.

Most refrigerator models come with a fridge and a freezer these days. Hence, buying a refrigerator will give you the functionality of two appliances in one, which makes it more valuable. You can use the fridge to store essential items such as butter, eggs, and beverages. Meanwhile, the freezer is designated for preserving your meat and other frozen goods.


Another kitchen appliance that you should not live without is the dishwasher. A growing number of households have considered a dishwasher a vital piece of appliance to have and it is for a practical reason. It would be a good idea to relax at home at the end of the day. Unfortunately, you cannot do that when you have a pile of dishes to clean up. 

This is when a dishwasher proves to be highly beneficial since you can let it take care of the dishwashing for you. Simply chuck the dishes and cutlery into the dishwasher and run a cycle so that you won’t have to worry about it. You can relax and watch TV or read a book at night while the dishwasher does the cleaning for you. 

It is also a cost-efficient method of cleaning your dishes since you can run 1 cycle per day. This will help you conserve water since you can do the dishes at once (rather than washing it every after meal). 

Microwave Oven

To add to the list of the 5 home appliances you shouldn’t live without is another kitchen essential: microwave oven. This might be a small machine but it is highly functional and practical to have, which makes it a worthy investment. When you have a microwave at home, you can do a lot of things with it.

The widespread availability of microwave-ready meals nowadays makes it easier to prepare your own meals at home. All you have to do is to place the dish directly into the microwave oven and let it do its job for a few minutes. You can walk away and do other things while you prepare for your meal to be ready. This means that you won’t have to slave for several hours each night in the kitchen to make dinner for the family (or yourself).

Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder was invented in 1908 by Herbert Johnson and it continues to be an essential piece of appliance for every household. In fact, you can get multiple uses for this so it is an investment that gives more value for your money.

You can use a mixer grinder to make fresh fruit juices at home. If you want to promote a healthy diet, this is a good investment because you can drink more fresh fruit juices (and not have to worry about preservatives). You can also use it to grind spices that can be used for cooking. You can combine leaves and seeds of your favorite spices to create a powder form spice mix. This will make your dishes more flavorful and can save you money from not having to buy ready-made spice mixes.

No matter what your budget, you can find mixer grinders at a variety of brands and models. Some even have titanium blades to produce a finer powder mixture. They are designed to be more efficient and easy to use.

Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Regulating the temperature within your home is always a challenge, especially if you live in areas with extreme weather conditions. A reliable air conditioning and heating system is, therefore, total must-have investment for every household. With a good cooling and heating system, you can regulate the temperature inside your home so you can stay comfortable. 

You can depend on the air conditioning system to keep the inside of your home cool during the hot summer months. It can keep you warm during the cold winter months. As your needs change, this appliance will enable you to cope with the changes in the outdoor temperature. 

This is how you can ensure that your home will become a cozy refuge for you and your family. Maintaining the ideal temperature within your home can also keep it free from toxic invaders that can harm your family’s health. 

With these five appliances in your home, it will be easier to live a more comfortable lifestyle. It’s not difficult to see why most people can’t live without them these days.