UNITED STATES—It is not a secret that relocation has been always considered a life-changing experience. Even if you need to move to another apartment, you should get used to new surroundings, people, commute, facilities, so it is an important stage of people’s lives too. One more problem connected with moving is money. It is impossible to relocate quickly or simply deliver all your belongings to a new home without investment. Even if you move across the street and have an army of friends to assist you, nobody is insured against damages, losses, sharing a meal of gratitude, etc. Therefore, every person who is on the point of moving wishes to save on this process as much as possible. How can you do that? There are 5 affordable ways to consider.


1. Compare quotes of several moving companies

If moving an apartment seems unbearable and you do not wish to lift a finger to organize a process, it is impossible to cope with this challenge without apartment movers. Naturally, when you turn to professionals, you can get rid of the numerous responsibilities, but unfortunately, not all of them. Moreover, you may wonder how to save on hiring a moving company? In fact, there are several things you can do not to overpay. Though it seems that all the movers offer similar relocation prices but there might be a great difference in what is included there. Sometimes, you may pay for the truck in one company the same amount that will cover all the basic services in a full-service one. It means that you should ask not only the cost of apartment moving but also what is included in this price.

One more important thing is comparing at least three company quotes. The last one is often offered for free and informs customers about the cost of relocation estimated on the basis of the company representative’s analysis. Making a comparison, you can choose the most affordable alternative with the most extensive number of services included.


2.  Get free packing materials and supplies


There are many chances to save on packing materials if you plan to move your flat. There is no sense to waste money on them if it is possible to get boxes for free. Some people use an alternative of buying second-hand packing materials, but it is not difficult to get boxes of different sizes for free too.

You can collect boxes from the stores located nearby. If it is a supermarket or any other shop, goods are delivered in packing materials to them and most often, these boxes and wrap are sent to trash. If you do not want to wait for these boxes for hours or days, you can ask a shop representative when they will have another delivery and if it is possible to take boxes. In this case, you can turn up at a certain time and get enough boxes and other packing materials if there are any. Of course, you may need to buy tape to strengthen them, but it is possible to sag on bubble wrap and use your socks, towels, blankets as fillers too.


3. Rent a moving truck

If you do not plan to hire local or cheap long-distance movers as https://californiamoversusa.com/moving-services/long-distance-moving/ and organize the relocation yourself, you can save on renting a truck in the rental company. In fact, it is several times cheaper to rent a truck in this way than to pay movers for it. Of course, you will need to cover additional fuel costs if you decide to act in this way, but it is still more affordable. If you have a car, you can rent a large freight moving trailer and load all your possessions there. This alternative is cheaper than mover services too.


4. Get help from your friends and relatives

Moving involves not only transportation but also packing and loading solutions. Consequently, you need to pay money for people’s assistance too. However, even if you have to move a large 3-bedroom apartment and understand that can’t cope with this volume alone, don’t be shy to ask your friends and relatives for help. Distribution of responsibilities can help you to feel more confident and you will need to coordinate the process instead of doing everything yourself. Your close people can also help with many other challenges such as cleaning, reserving a parking space, holding an elevator, furniture assembly/disassembly, appliance connection/disconnection, etc.


5. Choose a more affordable moving date


One more way to save on moving if you order professional assistance is the choice of date. First of all, early booking (a year or several months in advance) is always cheaper than ordering urgent services. Moreover, it is better to move in late fall and winter since this time is the most affordable one – there is a lack of clients and companies make discounts. Another thing to consider is the date of relocation. Weekends and holidays are always more expensive ones, so it is better to select business days in the middle of the week to be able to save a bit.