UNITED STATES—Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it’s definitely been tough for both parents, students, and even teachers to proceed with the whole school year. With education being an essential part of kids and young adults’ development, it continues to be a struggle with academic educators how they can possibly move forward in an online set-up especially for Prep students who need more assistance & guidance especially in advanced topics.

But not to worry! While education reopening procedures are still being explored, there are definitely alternatives students can take for their Prep courses.

In this article, we’ll learn more about the top popular prep courses that young adults in the Golden State can utilize in this crucial time. With help from various blogpost entries, recommendations, and reliable prep courses listicles, we’ll definitely be able to map out which ones can children adapt to the most:

#5 Kaplan’s GRE Prep Course

If you’re looking for a Prep course that comes with a great Prep book that is sure to give you a taste of what it’s like to really utilize your brain through thought-provoking questions, this Kaplan Test Prep is the one for you.

Enhance your comprehension through online tests provided by Kaplan, and practice it too even on a computer just for extra exercises. What’s great about the Kaplan GRE Prep Plus is its ability to really set the mood for students by cultivating an environment that can prepare you for the actual day of testing.

If you think that’s it, Kaplan actually also gives their customers access to various tutorial videos that can help students understand the different lessons without a struggle.

#4 ETS Official GRE Prep Course & Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

When it comes to verbal reasoning, ETS’s GRE Prep Courses & Practice Questions booklet is definitely one recommendable find for anyone taking a Prep course virtually. 

Since Verbal Reasoning is one of the most underrated topics, it can help those who are not usually as skilled further improve their reasoning abilities. From answer explanations to having analytical writing tasks, the test questions available in this booklet are surely going to help anyone who is taking the exam feel and become more competent. 

What’s great about this booklet is that it is patterned with the difficulty of the Educational Testing Service which is a great reference if you really want to have advanced skills and competent abilities.

#3 Princeton Review Prep 165+

For one of the best study books, Princeton Review’s Cracking the GRE is definitely one study buddy you should invest on. With their comprehensive practice tests, extensive review guides, and limited premium portal access for additional learning resources, there’s nothing else you would ask for. 

This specific Prep course allows you, based on its name, to get a score of 165 or higher. The prep course promises you to have a fairly high score through its video instructions, drill explanations, and helpful review books


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#2 Alpha Score LSAT Prep

For those who are working on a budget, this Alpha Score LSAT Prep is the one for you! With a wide range of lessons and tutorials, you will definitely feel more confident and competent skills-wise and in your abilities.

Alpha Score offers a Prep course that has no live sessions, however, you  can definitely have one-to-one consultations with an instructor through their main platform. These LSAT Prep Courses are also sure to enlighten you with your queries throughout the various modules being offered on Alpha Score’s website.

Lastly, Alpha Score is pretty well-known to have affordable prices making it a very good choice for average-income students who just want to improve their skills in preparation for the test day.

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#1 CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) Courses

Now for the best in the state, CBEST is one prep course you should definitely take. With tutors from the big universities such as Harvard, yale, Princeton, and Stanford, the CBEST prep classes surely won’t disappoint.

CBEST practice exams are strategically designed to ensure that you have credible credentials in California. With their practice questions under reading comprehension, mathematics, writing, and more, you will definitely get all the help you need through these prep classes and courses. The one-to-one set-up with your instructor also allows you to focus on only you and yourself so you don’t get intimidated by others.

What’s great is that with Varsity Tutors, your learning experience is tailor-fit to how you prefer your learning and how you best absorb knowledge. You can definitely pace yourself with CBEST just in time for the actual testing day proper. 

Given the many options of Prep courses available in California, what’s your top pick?