UNITED STATES—Coming out of an intensely hot summer season? The weather can change quickly from late September as it transitions into Fall with cooling temperatures that can leave your skin feeling dull and dry. More often than not, the changing season is going to have an effect on your skin. Keep reading to find out our top ways to fall-proof your face and keep it looking plump and hydrated!

Our Top Skincare Tips for Transitioning to Fall

The sun can wreak real havoc on the skin and you may leave summer dehydrated and irritated. When it comes to transitioning your skin into the cooler months, we want to focus on exfoliation, and nourishment. Here are some of our top tips to consider:

  • Don’t obliterate your face by washing it in the shower: It can be all too tempting to bury our faces under the warmth of a hot shower in the cooler months, but you can actually be causing your skin damage. The reason? It’s too hot for your skin and it will irritate your barrier.
  • Drink more water: It’s obvious but often forgotten. Your skin is 64% water and it needs that H20 to function, so keep your water intake up.
  • Upgrade your routine: Our skin can dry out a little when the cooler months arrive, so find ways to boost the hydrating levels in your routine. Try adding in a hyaluronic acid serum for an extra moisture boost.

5 Must Have Skincare Products for Fall 2022

1.   SPF is a non-negotiable (literally always)

This might shock a few people, but did you know you should be wearing sunscreen even when it’s not ‘sunny’ outside? That’s because we are constantly exposed to UV rays regardless of cloud coverage! Keep your skin protected with an SPF 30 or SPF50+ product. We think the skin screen from Ultra Violette is some of the best sunscreen out there as it feels good to wear and won’t make you breakout.

2.   Vitamin C Serum

Changing seasons is a perfect time to change up your skincare routine and introduce a new serum! Try a Vitamin C serum if you’re looking for a little extra glow this Fall. There are so many benefits to adding this ingredient to your routine including increased production of collagen (which helps make skin look smoother and plumper); reduced hyperpigmentation after the summer in the sun; more even looking skin tone; and an overall brighter looking complexion.

3.   Exfoliating Peel Pads

Whenever our skin is in a bit of a rut, we bring out the AHA and BHA exfoliators. These chemical exfoliants are an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and make way for new ones. Perhaps the most tried, tested, and trusted chemical exfoliator is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads. Try using them even just once a week to see a dramatic difference in skin luminosity!

4.   Hydrating mist

Maybe you need a little extra hydration after a long, sweltering summer? A hydrating mist is a summer easy way to make sure your skin gets constant hydration all day long. Be picky with the mist you choose and make sure alcohol isn’t listed as one of the ingredients as this can dry skin out further.

5.   Moisture Cream

Invest in a slightly heavier moisturizer compared to the one you’ve been using for the last months through the warmer season. Your skin’s barrier may be a little compromised from the elements and the harsh sun, so we want to inject hydration here and soothe and repair damaged skin (if any).

Inspired to revamp your skin routine? Whatever you do, make sure to keep your sunscreen application going strong no matter the time of year!