UNITED STATES—Students heading to college know about fraternities. Some students go to specific colleges intending to join some of these sororities or fraternities. It is because the ‘Greek life’ as it is called, is generally hyped up by some of their older relatives, friends, and even their parents.

However, there is another group of students who see fraternities and sororities in a negative light. Greek life is not for everyone. From communal bathrooms to the hazing, some students prefer basic life. Joining Greek life has some lucrative benefits for students, and it is something to consider.

So, highlighted below are some of the advantages of being part of a fraternity or a sorority.

Easy to Make Connections

In fraternities and sororities, a student is provided with a platform to meet different people and share a lot of moments with them. It is easier to make friends with other pledgees in the fraternity since they have similar interests as you than doing so without joining a club. Furthermore, Sorority and fraternity connections go beyond college. Students even get networks and contacts with alumni who are in their specific fields.

A Good Balance Between One’s Social and Academic Life

Being part of the Greek life provides a very active social life as compared to students who are not in fraternities. Frats and sororities also do well in encouraging academics by rewarding students who are doing well.

Some sororities and fraternities base their membership on academics. So, their members have the opportunity to form study groups and find assignment help from individuals taking a similar course. One also gets to socialize and share ideas with people with similar interests.


Some fraternities and sororities are very active in the society. They often find ways to give back to society. So, a student who joins them will improve their resumes by taking part in volunteer work and community service. Some of the common ways sororities and fraternities help societies include:

  • Raising funds for charity
  • Community service such as volunteering in homeless shelters
  • Participating in disaster relief events



Students get to learn ways to give back to society, which is a positive value that one might keep in the future.

Strengthens Resumes

If part of a fraternity or sorority, a lot of employers see the commitment, you made in your school years and even commend it. Other employers who were part of your sorority will even relate with you, hence improving your chances in the job market.

Learn New Skills

Being part of the Greek organizations provides students with various skills that they might not have attained if they did not join. These include leadership skills, coordination, and cultivating values such as teamwork, organization, and respecting tradition. These are skills that can be verified in your resume in case you ever need a reference.

Final Remarks

Sororities and fraternities seem intimidating at first. However, students who prove their commitment and loyalty stand to gain a lot from that experience. From making some life-long friendships to having a sense of belonging, the Greek life sets you up well for the future.