UNITED STATES—In 2022, the US online flower market is worth a whopping $5.3 billion and is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of nearly 3% through to 2026 and beyond. Fueled by the pandemic, this trend is breathing new life into the US floral industry, modernizing the operations of independent florists and revitalizing a wilting market.

So, if you have been considering starting a flower delivery business, this is certainly a great time. But don’t forget that establishing a floral business requires a significant investment of money, effort, and time. Put down the roots of a successful business with the tips below. 

Understand The Industry, Your Competitors, and Your Audience

Today’s online floral industry is in full bloom and provides unparalleled opportunities for business owners. But, at the same time, the competition has never been fiercer. 

Whether you own a physical business that offers local delivery services, or you are running an eCommerce marketplace, the chances are that you will be competing against a range of entities, including:

  • Other local floral businesses
  • Grocery stores
  • Online gifts and flower delivery services
  • National and international growers

What’s more, a quick look at Google Trends reports for topics like “flower delivery” and “flower delivery near me” will tell you that these terms have never been so popular, reaching unprecedented peaks over the past three years. And yet, the business of flower deliveries is highly seasonal, peaking in February (Valentines) and May (Mother’s Day).

Make sure to assess all aspects of the industry before investing in your business.

Find a Reliable Local Solution for Same-Day Delivery, e.g. in Houston, Texas

In any business, time is the essence – and flower delivery enterprises are not an exception. Cut flowers require extremely rapid transfers from farm to shops, which need to be completed within a 24-48 hour window and through a “cold chain”. 

Especially when importing international flowers, these refrigerated facilities play a vital role in keeping your inventory fresh and appealing. 

But once the flowers you have ordered land on your business premises, the responsibility to deliver them fresh is in your own hands. That is where partnering with a local same-day flower delivery provider you can trust can make or break your business’s success. 

For example, if your business premises are located in Texas, look for a specialized courier service in Houston or Austin that makes a local fleet available.

Take Care of Legalities

Whether you are starting an eCommerce platform or a physical business, you will have to navigate the legal aspects of establishing a commercial enterprise. Firstly, you will need to choose what legal entity works best for your needs. 

For most small florists, a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC works best. But you should consider working with an attorney and an accountant who can help you choose the best structure for your goals.

Once you have chosen your legal entity and business name, you will be required to register your new business with the local authorities and obtain the necessary permits and licenses. These vary according to the nature of your business but often include a seller’s permit and a DBA (Doing Business As) license. 

Market Your Flower Delivery Business

If you have always dreamed of starting a flower delivery business, the chances are that you have also been imagining what your branding will look like. Now it is time to give way to your creative mind and design an eye-catching brand identity that can help your company stand out. 

Once you have decided on your voice tone, imagery, and logo, you can use affordable tools such as social media channels and your own website to market your flower delivery business. 

Keep an Eye For Disrupting Trends in the Floral Market

While flowers have been exchanged, gifted, and bought for centuries, the US floral market has undergone several drastic changes over the past years. Thanks to the advent of online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, flower delivery services have become a lifeline for established and new florists alike. 

At the same time, new and emerging technologies continue to bring sudden and drastic changes to the industry. Make sure to keep learning about new techniques, innovations, and technologies that can help you keep your flower delivery business relevant for years to come.