UNITED STATES—Among the worldwide population, it’s estimated that around 1.6 billion people gamble (that’s 26% of the entire world). A centuries-old sport, gambling has been around for hundreds of years and its popularity is back on the rise!

After taking a dip, casinos are making a name for themselves again with thanks to the abundance of casino games found on online casinos.

One typical casino game still seems to make up the bulk of casino games for both online and land casinos, these being slot machines/games. Whilst many casinos have remained unchanged, slot machines have changed quite a bit over the years.

Now slot machines are modernized using the touch of a button instead of pulling the traditional lever to spin the slots. The slots themselves have evolved, and whilst you still find your classic three-reel fruit machines, today video slots are more popular, especially online.

We now see video slots filled with different animations and graphics, as well as 3D slots displaying characters from TV shows, movies, famous musicians and bands.

Visuals aren’t the only enhancement and there are now tons of extra bonuses and features to slot games.

Have a budget

A budget with anything is always important, however, when it comes to gambling and working with money constantly, it’s especially imperative.

Take the humble slot machines for example. A slot game can spin between 600 to 700 times per hour, and if placing each bet at $1, things can work out quite expensive…Hence our emphasis on the importance of having a budget, keeping a record of it and sticking to it most importantly.

Take things easy and you’ll find that playing slowly works out to be more beneficial to the entire experience. Another way casinos try to get you is by having minimum deposits, that’s why we recommend choosing a casino with a $1 minimum deposit to start so you can put in exactly how much you want, if you need some help choosing a $1 deposit casino you can find a couple of options in this article by Casino Reviews.

Use online casinos

Ever noticed that physical casinos never actually have any windows, nor any clocks displayed on their walls? Purposefully done, it’s a lot easier to fall into a sort of gambling trance, getting caught up in the fun of things when you don’t have any reminders of the outside world.

No clocks and windows also mean that players have no indication of time or to gauge just how long they’ve been playing for exactly.

Skip to online casinos and it’s a different roulette ball game as these can be played from anywhere, player’s choice.

Giving users the ability to concentrate more for starters, using online casinos at home, for example, allows players to play online in a comfortable and quiet environment, without any distractions around them.

There is no certain win

It’s easy to fall into what is known as the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. Also termed the Monte Carlo Fallacy, this occurs when players place their beliefs in the odds of their next move based on the past events of the game.

An example of this on the roulette table is when the ball falls on the same color multiple times. A lot of people immediately think that this means the ball is likely to change its path and land on the opposite color with the next spin.

Here’s the fallacy though as each spin is in fact, completely independent of the last…the odds don’t change with each spin – the ball is just as likely to land on the same color as it is to change and land on the opposite color.

It’s important to understand the probabilities of losing in order for responsible playing to happen.

Gamble in a good mood

Exercise, listening to music or smoking, there are tons of activities, habits we pick up and hobbies out there to make ourselves feel better. This allows for the release of dopamine from the body to the brain, and which is why we feel instantly better.

Gambling games have the ability to do the same thing, especially when one is on a winning streak.

But there’s always a flipside to everything. It’s worth mentioning that players who constantly gamble when upset, and then for example suddenly start to hit a win, will feel an increase in their dopamine levels, leaving them now in a happy mood. This is a very quick way of forming a dependency.

It’s entertainment

In essence, gambling is a form of paid entertainment and as a result, should be treated as such. The experience of actual gambling should be fun, in the same way that buying a ticket to play a game at the arcade is, or watching a movie in the cinemas.

Of course, winning big and making extra is fantastic, but gambling and relying on winnings as a source of income isn’t the way to make money, and shouldn’t be seen as such.