UNITED STATES—Moving your business to a new office is exciting. New opportunities await. When it comes time to move your office furniture and equipment, you don’t want to let just anyone pack up and move your investment. Office furniture and equipment can be very expensive to repair or replace if something goes wrong. It’s best to hire a commercial mover you can trust to care for your investment. Follow these tips to find a trustworthy commercial mover and have a successful move.

Seek Out a Commercial Mover

It’s all about the experience. Professional moving companies may know how to handle household valuables, but movers must handle the type of equipment many offices have differently.

Commercial movers have the experience to move large printers, photocopiers, computers, and other equipment safely and without damage. Commercial movers also know how to get things done on a larger scale. A stapler isn’t that big, but when you think about all the office supplies, equipment, and furniture, you realize there are a lot of moving parts involved.

Don’t just go with the first commercial mover you find. Collect a list of pro movers and get quotes. Ask if the company has moved similar businesses and if they have experience with the kind of equipment you’ll need to transport.

Check for a License and Insurance

A little homework can save you serious headaches down the road. Legitimate pro movers will have a license number. The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of a scam when it comes to an office full of expensive equipment.

Also, ask about insurance. It is worth it to pay for insurance. Even the best commercial movers can’t avoid every accident. Damaged and lost equipment can set you back thousands of dollars. It’s not worth taking the chance. Finally, you may need to pay for insurance whether you want to or not if you’re moving out of or into a shared office building. It will protect the neighboring businesses also.

Staying Organized During the Packing Process

Commercial movers have business experience. And if you’re organized, then you’ll be ensuring a successful outcome. Maintain an inventory of what is going into each box. You can number the boxes or place a small label on each. If the movers will be packing, it’s a good idea to create some direction as to how you want things packed. You may need to access files or certain equipment sooner, so you’ll want those items to be more accessible. All of your office items are valuable. You want your investment arriving at the new office intact.

Commercial movers can help you get out of your old office and into your new location both quickly and professionally. They will often have advice on how you can move with efficiency. A good commercial mover knows that time is money, and you need to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

When Dealing With Sensitive Material

Your office move probably includes transporting a lot of paperwork and sensitive material. Movers must handle it carefully. Talk to prospective commercial moving companies about their policies regarding protecting your data. You’re required by law to keep this data safe and secure. A professional commercial moving company will help you. Ask if the company background checks employees and what their best practices are concerning data transport.

Planning Your Move to Minimize Disruption

Anytime you have to move, the process takes planning. But moving from one office to another is on a whole other scale than moving household items. Not only do you need to plan the packing details, but you may need to contact a commercial mover months in advance to book the time you need to get the job done. Commercial movers need time to determine how many days and how many employees they’ll need to direct to your office needs.

Not only do you need to figure out the date and the amount of time it will take, but you’ll also need to work with businesses that share an office or building space. A commercial move can be very disruptive to the surrounding area. Large trucks and a lot of people and equipment moving in and out of the area can interfere with other business operations and even surrounding traffic. Discuss with other businesses when you’ll need to make the move and how you can work with the commercial movers to create the least disruptive path forward.

A Commercial Mover Cares for Your Business

You’ve already invested so much into your business. Don’t take the risk and try to cut costs when moving to a new office. A commercial mover can protect your investment and get you safely to your new location. Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes and references. Experience and professionalism matter when it comes to a successful transition.