UNITED STATES—Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, making it an ideal space for brands and influencers to promote their ideas and products. For any brand to succeed, popularity is a prerequisite. To gain the viewers’ attention, you can create unique and appealing content for the platform by using graphic editors. Apps like VistaCreate can help you edit and customize your Instagram posts and reels to give them a touch of your personality.

Views play a massive role in gaining engagement on Instagram. Your content will only be able to reach the optimal audience once you’ve gained a certain amount of likes, comments, and followers.

Do you need help increasing your Instagram viewership? Fret not! We have some great tips just for you.

How to Get More Views: Tips

When trying to increase engagement on your Instagram account, keep the following in mind:

1.    Optimize Your Profile

As an influencer or brand, know that your profile is exactly like your website’s homepage. It is your follower’s first impression of you. To create the ideal brand impression, you can follow the below-listed steps:

●     Switch to a Business Account

A business Instagram account unlocks several features ideal for increasing engagement on your profile. These features include: analytics, ads, story links, content scheduling, product tagging, etc. Instagram insights also allow you to get a deep understanding of your viewers’ preferences, enabling you to form relevant strategies.

●     Use Your Logo as Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is one of the first things a viewer takes into account. You need to grasp this opportunity and deliver to them the purpose, core values, and central idea of your brand. This will give the viewer a sense of both professionalism and a personal touch.

●     Forming a Relevant Bio

Your bio needs to be both quirky and relevant. It should be able to grasp the viewer’s attention, along with containing keywords that help you appear in Instagram searches. For example, if you are a style influencer offering services, then definitely mention keywords relevant to your niche. You can also drop links to your website or a page that mentions all your available services.

2.   Strategize Your Activity

Firstly, you need to select your target audience, specifying their age, gender, location, interests, etc. Then, with a thorough look at Instagram Insights, you can figure out what your audience likes most, who you want to entertain, and when they are most likely to interact with you.

Keeping these in mind, you can either form an Excel sheet for your convenience or note down specific times you need to post. You can also schedule posts for times that suit you most. This would help you reach a higher level of engagement among your followers.

3.   Customize Your Content

Instagram is all about visual content. Firstly, your feed needs to be visually appealing and immaculately strategized to attract a wholesome amount of viewers. Apart from posting great content, you need to give your posts a personal touch. You can achieve this by using graphic editors or Instagram’s built-in editor to customize your content to your taste.

You need to create posts relevant to your niche that are both entertaining and educational. This will assist in keeping your viewers hooked. Try experimenting with new post ideas to discover what attracts and engages your audience the most.

Mold your newly created posts to the preferences of your target audience. Try to stand out from the crowd a bit by being unique with both your ideas and presentations.

4. Use Popular Stickers And Hashtags

One of the most popular means of getting noticed on Instagram is the frequent use of hashtags and stickers.

●     HashTags

It is a good idea to use multiple hashtags in your post, but make sure to remain relevant to your niche. Using brand hashtags is also a clever way of increasing your online visibility. Further, keep in mind what your viewers would type in to see content like yours and then make hashtags accordingly.

●     Stickers

Instagram story polls, questions, emoji stickers, and quiz stickers are all splendid ways to increase engagement on your page. Questions and polls are especially great conversation starters and help viewers feel included. This will also give you a better insight into your viewers’ preferences, allowing you to create content accordingly. Using appropriate emoji stickers can also help you engage with your brand.

2.   Interact With Your Followers

To form a genuine following, you need to interact with people and have a sense of an inclusive community. Respond more to comments; this helps your followers feel connected to you and shows that you care. Form an easy bond with your community, which will imply that you’re approachable and not rigid.

Respond to your DMs more frequently. It might seem that responding to DMs doesn’t concern your following, but it’s the other way around. When Instagram notices that you engage with your followers personally, it tends to push out your content to others.


We discussed five solid ways to increase viewership on your account in this article. The quality of your content and the extent to which you promote it on different platforms do play a crucial role, but your one-to-one interactions and how genuine you are with your community also matter.

Lastly, you can strategize around each of the mentioned tips, and you’ll be stacking up views in no time!