UNITED STATES—Morning routines are hardly ever defined as cool, calm, and collected. Generally, we could consider them as filled with more grogginess and grumbling. Mornings often feel rushed and hectic and yet they set the tone for the entire day. 

People are always looking for more secret “how to’s” and direction on what makes a successful morning routine. In this article we are going to cover how to use CBD products to help calm and clear your mind, so you can confidently start your day.


1) Breakfast 

Do you need two cups of coffee and a stare out- the-window session before you can wake up in the morning? Is coffee the holy morning liquid you count on to take you from sleep-eyed, to awake and alive? Try boosting that morning routine with caffeine that both alerts and calms you.

Adding CBD oil to your favorite cup of joe or tea can kickstart an unbalanced mindset and strategically refocus on the day ahead. Add hemp products such as, CBD oil or butter to your favorite morning muffins or buns for an on-the-go breakfast that will revitalize your headspace while you munch through the morning traffic. 

2) Skincare

Everyone can battle puffy eyes, blotchy features, and tired skin. Finding quick and effective skin relief is what lots of people are looking for in the morning. The antioxidant properties in CBD are a fantastic fight against signs of aging, and fatigue. 

Use CBD oil in your favorite skincare products to add vibrance to your skin, and reduce stubborn inflammation. CBD oil can also help you in the battle against those stubborn breakouts that always appear after a lack of washing off your makeup before bed. Don’t stress about creating a whole new skincare routine. CBD is adaptable and will fit right in. 

Just add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite products for ease, or look into a whole new skincare regimen with it already added in. Your skin, makeup, and morning will thank you for it. 

3) Workout Partner

Are your muscles looking for a pick-me-up after your morning yoga or jog? Having the discipline to exercise in the morning is one thing, but what are you doing for your body after that? 

Implementing CBD oil into your workout routine could be a game-changer, CBD can help combat your body’s tired muscles that cause a cranky mindset. Ingest CBD oil in your post-workout protein powder or smoothie to allow your muscles to quickly recover. 

4) Morning Pick-Me-Up

At some point in the morning cycle, people go from coffee-crazed, or traffic-dazed into trying to find something to help them relax. Add CBD into the cycle and fend off the morning blues that perpetuate unproductiveness. 

CBD can be used to transition a foggy morning moment into a refocused, and less stressed headspace. Fending off stressors not only adds balance, but maximizes productivity and produces clarity to accomplish the tasks ahead! Dump the third cup of coffee or sugary donut that can cause a sugar crash and add in CBD products to keep you going. 

5) Self-Care

What about those slower weekend mornings? Some days are or should be built for self-care the full mind and body relaxation time. A full work week can cultivate deep stressors in the mind and body. 

Cleansing and rejuvenation construct a mind and body ready for the work week ahead. Implementing facials or full-body massages with hemp products can replenish sad skin, calm the body, and awaken the senses. These products help take restfulness to a new level and relieve the symptoms of anxiousness, stress, and depression from the prior week, and get you ready for a new week ahead. 

Generally speaking, among all CBD products, CBD flower is the best for everyday use, as you can be very creative about the ways you want to consume it. You can use it in the tea or coffee, in your morning beauty bath, in your natural oils and even in your breakfast. Check out Dr. Ganja’s catalogue that has the widest variety of strains here: https://www.drganja.com/cbd-flower

Whether you are a morning workout champion, a groggy-eyed slowpoke, or a fast-paced whirlwind, CBD has something to offer your morning routine. As people constantly evaluate their morning craziness and look into how they can have more mindful and efficient mornings, look where you can add CBD into your routine. Mindset and body health are the essential factors in preparing for a great day, build these components by adding hemp products into your morning!