UNITED STATES—Procrastination and apathy usually overtake us with cloudy autumn (and spring) days. How to overcome drowsiness and make yourself work efficiently and save time? Fortunately, there are now many different services that can save you time and make you a little happier. What is actually great is that there are a lot of them. And you know what? In this article, we have compiled for you a list of the best services that will save you time in your student life.

  1. Workflow

Workflow allows you to create shortcuts that automate the sequence of actions. For example, by clicking on one button, you can make a PDF file from a web page or take three photos, turn them into GIFs and send in a message. The possibilities of Workflow are almost unlimited since shortcuts can be both searched and created independently. This is one of the best time savers you can imagine.

  1. EssayBulls

When ordering an essay, you probably want to get quality work. Most likely, the timing of the order is important to you. Probably the cost of the job is important to you. And, of course, warranties are required. Where is it without risk to order an essay and get exactly what you paid for? Here you can get college research papers for sale and exactly by the deadline. They work directly with many authors who are professionals in their field. Also, the service takes a minimum commission for mediation and transaction support. That is why their prices are lower in comparison to other writing services. This service will undoubtedly save your time and make you happier since you don’t have to worry about writing work anymore.

  1. MindMeister

Pros of MindMeister

  • The map is stored in the cloud and it is convenient to edit it together;
  • Adapted for mobile devices;
  • Clear, convenient and functional interface;
  • Convenient card import.


Up to 5 cards can be created for free.

Mental maps are most likely useful not for constant use, but for brain-storms or at moments when there are a lot of thoughts and ideas, and they need to be structured. The mental map just allows you to put all thoughts into one plan, to build chains of relationships. This is a clear and structured map of your ideas.

We already record everything on leaflets, in phone notes, in Google docs. Mental maps simply offer a more convenient interface for free and save your time because you don’t need to spend your time looking for a sheet of paper and pen.

  1. Trello

The service allows you to organize tasks, work on them throughout the company, and store documents.

Trello looks like kanban board. For each task, there is a card that can be moved around the lists – the stages of execution. You can change the status of the card, attach new comments, links, and documents, appoint responsible for the execution. One user can have several boards.

Trello is designed to spend a minimum of time organizing tasks. For example, it’s convenient for them to manage hotkey combinations, you can quickly search for cards by participants, tags, and attachments. You can also connect applications such as Google Drive to access files directly from Trello. Or process analytics, so as not to waste time using a separate service. Most applications are paid.

  1. Headspace

Many underestimate the impact of meditation on productivity. The idea that meditation is quackery, along with fortune-telling and horoscopes, is being changed by people like Andy Puddicombe. His Headspace service is a collection of audio and video lessons about meditation. Puddicombein real-time talks about how to sit down, what you need to think about / not think about in order to relax the brain, and set it up for productive work. It may seem that meditation is time-consuming, but on the contrary, it will save you time, teach harmony, and certainly make you happier.

  1. SendPulse

SendPulse is a mailing service that combines email, SMS, Viber, and push messages. You can connect an SMTP server to send emails directly from your CMS, as well as create a chatbot for Facebook. If you are at the beginning of your business or just found a part-time job in this area, this service will save you a lot of time.


  • Free account – up to 2.5 thousand addresses in the database and up to 15 thousand letters per month, you can also create subscription widgets for the site, do automatic conversations, conduct A / B testing of newsletters, and create chatbots for Facebook.
  • Paid account – from $ 7.88 per month, depending on the number of addresses in the database, an unlimited number of letters, and access to all tools of the service.

Summing up

It is very important to be able to use the Internet for the good and with its help save the most important resource – time. Now there are a lot of services that can make your life easier and make you a little happier. Our selection is based on my own experience. We do not claim absolute knowledge – we just share our experience and hope that our experience will be useful to someone.