UNITED STATES—A visit to Vegas is a vacation like no other, and even if your trip is business-based, it’s a good idea to put in plenty of planning if you want to avoid any snafus once it’s underway.

So what can you do to streamline a sojourn in Sin City? Read on as we run through the most helpful preparations.

Plan how you’re getting to your accommodation from the airport

Airport transfers are the least interesting part of any trip, and yet they matter a lot because you don’t want to be held up after arriving, or when you’re heading home again.

It’s a good idea to check out this Vegas airport guide, which includes all the info you need not only to plan to travel to and from this international travel hub, but also where you need to go to get taxis and buses, or to rent a car if that’s your preference.

Pack the right footwear

When visiting Las Vegas, you’ll find that you do a lot more walking than you’d expect. That’s because the casino resorts are so vast, that even if you never leave the hotel you’re staying in, you’ll cover a lot of distance under your own power.

This means that packing comfy shoes, rather than choosing ones which look good but could end up leaving your feet blistered and sore, is best.

Study a map to avoid tiring yourself out

Speaking of walking, lots of first time Vegas visitors don’t appreciate just how big the center of the city is. The world-famous Strip stretches for over four miles, so looking at a map and knowing how far you’ll need to go to get between resorts and attractions is wise.

More often than not it’s better to take a taxi if you’ve got more than a few hundred feet to cover. This is mostly to do with the climate, because in the summer months the temperatures get unbearably hot, so walking anywhere outside is not recommended.

Choose dates carefully

If you’ve got the option to be flexible with when you book a trip to Vegas, your experience will be much improved if you choose a mid-week vacation, rather than one which overlaps with weekends, or indeed with public holidays.

Crowds flood to the city during peak periods, and it can make it overly busy at times. Even in quieter moments it’s still plenty busy, so you won’t be missing out.

Be responsible when you gamble

For many, the main draw of Las Vegas is the gambling, and that’s fine so long as you are aware of the risks and are prepared to be responsible about placing bets.

Even with the recent rise of online gambling, the casino experience is unbeatable, and having a budget before you go in will save you from strife.

Set money aside and consider it lost before you even place a bet. That way, the allure of the gambler’s fallacy won’t see you spending more than you’d like to at the tables or on the slots.

Think about the people you’re traveling with

While lots of Vegas visitors arrive solo, if you’re going as part of a group or with your family, then your planning has to take every member of your party into account.

If you’ve got kids in tow, remember that there are lots of family-friendly activities in the city, from zoos to shows, and booking in advance will ensure you get a spot even if it’s a busy period.

If you’re arriving with friends, ask them for their input rather than just assuming that they’ll all be happy with the same arrangements.