MALIBU—During a special meeting on Tuesday, October 22, the Administration and Finance Subcommittee approved a recommended action for the preparation of Civic Center design plans.

Reva Feldman, Malibu’s assistant city manager, told Canyon News the committee recommended the action to the city council, which will discuss and vote on the matter at their next meeting.

“The staff is working on a request for proposal to decide what will be discussed at the next meeting,” she said.

According to the meeting’s agenda, the action was for the appropriation of $650,000 from an undesignated fund for “consulting services related to the preparation of design standards and a specific plan for the Civic Center, which would include the preparation of the environmental impact report required for the specific plan.”

A parking study plan for Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) was also discussed at the meeting but Feldman said it was put on hold.

“The subcommittee wanted to wait to see the results of a current study and then decide whether or not to recommend this one to the council,” she said.

The action recommended for this study would require an appropriation of $200,000 from an undesignated fund “for consulting services related to the preparation of a comprehensive engineering study to analyze signage, parking width and safety factors,” according to the agenda.