UNITED STATES—Hong Kong has always been a special place to visit. The travel destination is an exciting mix of old colonial buildings, modern skyscrapers, and picturesque islands. Getting lost in all these new things is easy, and it requires a lot of effort to appreciate them fully. However, it is not just the nightlife and skyscrapers that make Hong Kong special. Here are 7 other fascinating things about Hong Kong city that you ought to know.

1. Hong Kong Was Built on a Small Island

The island is called Lantau Island and was a famous trading centre back in the days. It is located between mainland China and Macau, and has its own unique culture, language, cuisine, and history. Lantau is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Aberdeen Harbor, Victoria Peak, and the Kowloon Walled City.

2. Hong Kong Residents Are Welcoming to Foreigners

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse cities in Asia, with people from many different countries worldwide. It has a cosmopolitan vibe where visitors can meet locals at street restaurants or bars frequented by expatriates. The best way to explore this city is to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the busy streets filled with locals going about their daily lives. So why not get your Hong Kong online visa and make your trip to this fantastic city memorable? You might be surprised at how much there is to do in Hong Kong.

3. Hong Kong Is a Fantastic Sightseeing Destination

If you love sightseeing, then Hong Kong may be the perfect travel destination for you. Many of the city’s attractions are architectural masterpieces. Some famous landmarks include the International Commerce Centre, the Star Ferry Pier, the former Bank of America Tower, and the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

4. Hong Kong City Is Also a Shopping Paradise

With so many high-end brands available, buying anything in Hong Kong is no problem. But don’t forget that prices here are usually double that in Singapore.

5. The City Is Also Well Known for Its Nightlife

In Hong Kong, you will find big clubs like Fabric and Berwick Street, which attract thousands of clubbers. And for more intimate venues, try the live music scene. Check out the Hong Kong Arts Festival held every year to see some of the best musicians performing live.

6. Hong Kong Is Also Well-Known for Its Cuisine

You should check out the local markets if you are looking for delicious Cantonese dishes. Try the fresh seafood, roasted goose leg, and Chinese dumplings for a more memorable experience.

7. Hong Kong City Is Home to the World’s Highest Observation Deck

The deck is referred to as the Sky100, located on level 100 of the International Commerce Centre, and it costs HK$ 28 for entry. This deck gives you a great view of the entire city.

Hong Kong City is a fascinating place full of history and culture. The secret is to visit the city before traveling to other destinations in China!