WEST HOLLYWOOD—A 7-Eleven store clerk was assaulted on Tuesday, August 6 in West Hollywood. The assault transpired at the establishment located on 7609 Santa Monica Boulevard at Curson Avenue. The clerk was seriously injured during an altercation with a man who made a purchase.

Sergeant Jon Klaus and Lieutenant Bill Moulder of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told Canyon News, that the clerk was punched in the head which lead to an injury by her ear. She was also bitten in her arm as she tired to defend herself. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai to be treated for her injuries where she received two stitches to her left ear.

According to Sergeant Klaus and Lieutenant Moulder, officials responded to the scene at about 5:15 a.m. The suspect came into the store made a purchase with a debit card and forgot he placed the card back into his pocket. He accused the store clerk of taking his debit card and began assaulting her. The clerk stated that her assailant appeared intoxicated. Both the victim and the suspect’s names have not been released to the public.

Another violent incident occurred back in 2017 near this location at a different 7-Eleven on 7950 Santa Monica Boulevard and Hayworth Avenue. On September 2, 2017 Kisu Brown, 41, attacked a customer with an axe. Brown was confronted by a store clerk for shoplifting, another customer offered to pay for the items he was trying to steal. There was a struggle and Brown left the store to wait outside for the other customer. When the customer left the convenience store, Brown repeatedly struck him in the head with an axe. The victim suffered injuries to his head and hands during the attack.

In October 2017, a homeless man was found dead in a car in the same exact 7-Eleven parking lot.

Safety has been a concern for the area due to the previous incidents that transpired in the area. On August 13, the City of West Hollywood’s Business License Commission will be presented with a six-month progress report by the Code Compliance Division. The report presented to the Commission will show the results of a recent decision made by three 7-Eleven stores to share a security guard. The uniformed security guard will monitor the three 7-Elevens from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.