UNITED STATES—The expectation of couples to capture unique and beautiful moments is increasing with the increase in pre-wedding photos. Every couple’s dream is to have the heavenly type of photos to shock the viewers with disbelief. It is these expectations that help enhance pre-wedding photoshoots to fulfil their dreams.

Are you getting married soon? If yes, check Manchester photographers for unique pre-wedding photoshoots. You can make your pre-wedding photoshoot like a fairy tale by following some of the tips below.

Show Your Food Side

You can have different and unique ways of showing your love chemistry by adding food to the picture. You can enjoy the food with your partner and, at the same time, enhance your pose. Different foods like pasta, pizza or chocolate can show your love for each other in simple ways. Pose while eating together as the photographer captures the moment.

Bollywood Touch

Getting the theme of your pre-wedding photoshoot is not easy. However, you can get inspiration from Bollywood styles. It is common to think of ourselves as the lead actress or actor in our favorite show. You can select that romantic movie and recreate those beautiful moments together. Take note of the iconic moments of love in the film and make it your memorable and magical moment with your partner in the form of a picture.

Nature Interaction

Many outdoor natural areas can add a unique charm to your pre-wedding shoot. You can select an outdoor natural location of your likings like fields, blooming valleys, or mountains to have the best photos. Instead of just posing in front of the natural site, you can interact with its elements to show the relationship. Some of the features you can use include trees, lakes, and leaves to show the natural effect of your love for each other. With the help of these elements, you can make uncountable poses for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Night Sessions

This type of fairy tale tip is for people who like night moments. You can either go for an outdoor photoshoot in the middle of the night or select a dark place. To make the photo visible, you can use some strings of light. The best thing about this trick is that it shows the shoot’s primary objective while leaving minor details in the dark. You can get magical effects of the scheme with different poses of wrapping the lights around the two of you. This brings the fun of the shoot, hence having the best candid shots.

Shoot With Your Furry Buddies

Why not include your furry buddy in your happiest moments? People who have unlimited love for their pets should use this trick in their pre-wedding photoshoot. Having cute animals like dogs, cats, or birds in the picture adds unique fun and love. Facing the camera anxiety is no more since you are distracted by the cuteness of your pet. You can use the pets as props to generate different poses and showing your love story.

Random Photoshoots

Talk to your photographer to take random pictures of your moment with your lover. Regardless of the planning for the best pose, the best shots are always unexpected. You get to showcase your hidden fun moments and romance, which are more beautiful than planned poses. Consider the shoots as a personal date with your lover rather than a mere photo shoot.

Use Some Real Props

Pre-wedding photos are for people ready to get married and people who have been in a relationship for a long time. The love story is not complete without the addition of props. The props’ addition is based on your personal choice and preferences of the love story you want to show. You should personalize the pre-wedding photoshoot to make it more natural and meaningful to your love journey.


There is a lot of fun doing pre-wedding shoots, plus you will keep memories of the moments in photos. You can have your photoshoot anywhere, but it is advisable to have a planned venue. Since pre-wedding photoshoots give you the full detail of the epic moments you will have in your wedding, you should make sure you have read and understood the contract with the photographer to avoid misunderstandings.