UNITED STATES—There is no denying California is one of the most beautiful places in the USA. With a huge variety of landscapes, entertainment, and cultures on offer, you’ll never be short of things to do. Whether you’ve got a new job, a new relationship, or just feel like a change, Cali is full of gorgeous locations that can make for a fantastic home. If you’re planning on relocating, check out our top tips to prepare yourself for the big move.

  1. Pick Your Area

California is a big ole piece of land. Do your research and find out where you’d be happiest. If the shiny lights of Hollywood are beckoning you then search for a property there. Maybe instead you’re looking to relax in the beautiful city of San Francisco or be near the Mexican border in San Diego. Whatever you’re looking for California has a diverse range of different climates, scenery, and people so there is something for everyone. If you want to be close to Los Angeles check out new homes for sale in Lake Forest CA – a city based in Orange County that offers the buzz of the city whilst also being suburban enough for those who enjoy a calmer pace of life.

  1. Find A Job

Of course, you will need to find a job before (or very quickly after) relocating as California rent and living expenses can run a little higher than in other states. It does depend on the area you’re living in but having a job is typically a necessity for the average adult. If you’re moving to Hollywood with the aim to make a name for yourself there are tons of bars, shops, and restaurants that are regularly looking for staff so search around. California has nearly 350 hospitals, so if you’re a care professional there are plenty of opportunities for work.

  1. Buy A Car

Cars aren’t the cheapest item to purchase and are a luxury for some but getting around Cali without one is a nightmare. The public transport system can be described as lacking at best so if you want to move around freely without having to harvest your organs to cover cab fares, buying a car is your best option. It’s a beautiful state and having the freedom to explore will be priceless. If you already have a car ensure that you register it with the Californian DMV within 20 days of your arrival. Cali is aiming to be a greener state so you will have to have an emissions certificate before you register. One thing to bear in mind is that traffic can be a nightmare so be prepared to spend a lot of time queuing in your car!

  1. Brush Up On Your Spanish

Being some areas of California so close to the Mexican border it helps to speak Spanish. Lots of residents of the state are multilingual so it may help you make friends quicker and be able to communicate better with others if you know your hoja from your huevos.

  1. Be Tax Ready

Planning your taxes is important in any state in the USA but be warned; California’s taxes can be high – income in particular, so make sure you’re prepared to payout. Being organized will help you control your spending and make sure you have enough left over to pay your taxes diligently. Use a money tracking app or a spreadsheet to check your incoming salary vs your outgoings. It’s easy to get caught up in the California lifestyle, particularly if you’re living in the glitzy area of LA, so keep an eye on your spending if you’re living on a budget.

  1. Consider Going Back To School

California is home to some of the best colleges in the country. Stanford and Cal Tech are just the tip of the iceberg so if you’re looking to get back into studying, now is the time. If you want to go to school in Cali do your research. Check what courses you can apply for with the grades you have and if you are a mature student be sure you’re applying to a school that excepts ‘non-traditional- students. Some colleagues only have a handful of courses for mature applicants so look for one that is suitable. The best thing about going to college in California is the in-state tuition rates. If you’re a Cali state resident you’ll benefit from great rates and access to some of the most elite schools in America.

  1. Get The Right Insurance

California is a state with a high risk of natural disasters. Getting the right insurance can make a huge difference to your life, should there be any issues. Earthquake insurance is commonplace and a sensible investment to make if you own your property. Costs will depend on the structure of your home, the materials used to build it, and its location. The same goes for insurance for wildfires. Make sure your home insurance covers natural disaster fire damage and if not, switch to a new policy or take out another that covers you. 2020’s wildfires cause mass devastation across certain parts of California and you need to make sure that if the worst does happen you’re covered.

  1. Register To Vote

You can do this online before you move if you already have a fixed address in place. Registering must be done 15 days before the election so make sure you leave enough time. California will be your new home so make sure that you have a say in the decision making through your vote. Getting to grips with the legal system is important. Cali is a direct-democracy state, which means that citizens can propose any ballot they wish. This is legal in other states, but residents seem to exert their rights more in California, so get used to hearing about controversial and decisive ballots.

Are you looking to move to California this year? Let us know any tips you have to share in the comments!