BEVERLY HILLS—Svend Petersen, who served as the Beverly Hills Hotel’s pool manager for more than four decades, is now struggling to get back on his feet.

“Hello, I’m Svend Petersen, I”m 86 years old and homeless,” Petersen states in a YouTube video that was posted on April 9. He has been homeless for five months now, currently, staying in a motel, but was previously living in his car.

Peterson was famously known as the “Poolside Prince” and the “Cabana King” at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He retired 3 years ago as the establishment’s pool manager, but can still be found poolside several days of the week.

“I’m calling on you because I need help, real bad,” said Peterson in the video. “I wish you would spare 1, 2 or 3 dollars and I will appreciate it very much.”

The GoFundMe page has been set-up in hopes of raising $5900 as down payment and to cover first three months of Peterson’s rent was setup on his behalf by Mercedes Kennedy, Thomas Marinello, and Art Galstyan. The page indicates that Peterson had been taken advantage of by the realtors and had been tricked into selling his house which got him in trouble with the IRS.

Petersen owes $71,000 in taxes from selling his house, the credit card companies have canceled his cards and his checking account has a negative balance.

According to reports, he is still recovering from an infection where he was recently hospitalized. He has since moved from motel to motel and sleeps in his car when he runs out of money.

During his time at Beverly Hills Hotel, he has got the opportunity to meet with some of Hollywood’s best including Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, and Faye Dunaway.