HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe we are on season six of the hit FOX series “9-1-1.” I stumbled upon the series as a complete fluke, but it has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I just feel so connected to the characters and the constant evolution of the chaos these first responders encounter each episode. Does some of the instances seem a bit out of the box? Of course, but you actually would be surprised by the things that first responders have to deal with.

Such a treat for the season six premiere episode, ‘Let The Games Begin’ to feature an iconic face from TV in “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum Gabrielle Carteris, as the pilot of a blimp that collides into a sports stadium. I love how each season the series attempts to outdo the previous catastrophe. I mean tidal wave, earthquake, blackout, the list goes on and on. Athena was on the scene, as well as Bobby, Chimney, Buck, Eddie and Hen to help with the rescue mission.

Athena assisted a woman whose heart was in bad shape and needed to get in contact with the girls’ mother before time ran out and connected the device helping the woman regain consciousness. I will admit I expected the opening scene to have a much bigger impact than the rescue mission ending after the first break of the episode. There was a battle between Chimney, Hen, Buck and Eddie who wanted to be Interim Fire Captain, while Bobby took some time off.

It is nice to see Maddie and Chimney repairing their fractured relationship between and a running water issue helped them bond even more. I knew the moment I saw the gold course and the wood trimmer that an accident was bound to happen, as a father and son outing led to tragedy with a dumb son sticking his hand into the device, turning the wood chipper on, getting his ring stuck and the device firing it right thru his father’s chest. Maddie got some relationship advice, just as May was adjusting to the notion of attending college and her life changing as a result. In another stunt gone wrong, a touch a car giveaway that resulted in a woman suffering from dehydration, and acute kidney failure and another guy suffering from dehydration, but in the end they both won a car.

Maddie and Chimney discussed their relationship and shared a kiss as a result. He got the reassurance from Maddie that she plans to be in the relationship for the long haul. Bobby has been keeping everyone in the dark about his choice to be Interim Fire Captain, so when he revealed that he wanted Hen as the option she was stunned by the admission. Hen decided to take over the position at Bobby’s bequest and Bobby had to break the role to Buck that he was his pick.

The final moments of the episode culminated with Bobby and Athena ready for their trip, but her father had a medical scare that may have placed her mother in grave danger. Ok, not the massive cliffhanger I expected, but it is still indeed a cliffhanger people. New episodes of “9-1-1” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.