UNITED STATES—As we go about our daily lives, we are also sending out and receiving back energy. It interacts with everyone around us, including the energy within ourselves. It’s why we feel great and cheerful around some people, but nervous and cold around others.

Having good energy helps makes us feel good inside, reduce anxiety and enables us to communicate better. You should be aiming to gather as much of this good energy as you can and avoid attracting the bad.

Here are nine spiritual tips to help you feel good so you can go and do more good in the world.

1. Realize The Energy You’re Giving Out

Don’t expect to start feeling good and helping others if you’re out there giving out negative energy to everyone you meet. Think about how others feel when they’re around you. Do they enjoy your company and feel happy, or do they feel a bit gloomy?

Negative energy is going to have an effect on your relationships. You get out what you put into them.

The more that people want to spend time with you, the more likely you are giving out positive energy. On the other hand, if they are keeping you at arm’s length, chances are they’re limiting the amount of negative energy coming from you.

Focus on emitting good energy.

2. Think Positive

It’s hard to stop thinking negative thoughts. But if you want to start feeling good about yourself so you help others, you must start letting the positive things guide you, rather than the negative. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.”

For example, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, flip it around and start thinking of it as a challenge you can overcome. Don’t wallow in bad news and pessimistic mindsets. Replace anything that can cause you to think negative about yourself with statements that inspire.

Reading can really help you to start thinking positive. Check out this great list to get started. 

3. Cut Out Bad Influences

Negative vibes can come from many things, from the people you surround yourself with or watch on YouTube, to the places you visit and the things in your life that cause you to think badly about yourself.

Whatever it may be, cut them all out of your life for good. There’s no place for toxicity and ruining your overall well-being. Having them around will only contribute to your own unhappiness.

For those things that cannot be cut out entirely, try and limit how much time you spend with it and reinforce your mind with positivity beforehand.

4. Grow Your Social Circle

While it’s important you reduce the negative influences in your life, it’s just as important that you grow the number of positive influences. Cultivate a group with caring people that want to be successful. Feed off their positive energy and let them help you exude your own.

Start by bringing positive energy into your own group and let it grow. This will attract others to you that also give out positive energy.

5. Be Kind And Compassionate

Random and smaller acts of kindness can have great effects on both parties. Those that are kind and compassionate towards others have a healthier mindset, have better relationships and are generally more satisfied with their lives. 

Being kind to others creates a positive loop. The more good you do in the world, the more you feel good, which encourages you to do more good things, which makes you feel even better, and so on. Further, those that benefit from your acts of kindness are going to start showing these traits themselves. 

There are many ways you can show kindness and compassion, such as buying the person behind you in the queue a cup of coffee, just smiling at people that walk past you in the street, or even just saying hello and asking them about their day.

6. Be Grateful

Think about the things your grateful for every day. Practising gratitude allows you to let go of the toxic thoughts and feelings inside and replaces them with feeling good and positive energy. For example, you could start by thinking of the top 5 things you’re grateful every morning.

From here, think of all the bad things you’ve been through in your life and see how far you’ve come since then. You’ll see how strong you really are and you’ll appreciate everything you have now because of it.

7. Use Your Inner Strength

Self-doubt, fear and insecurity all bring bad energy. They rob you of your confidence and reduce your ability to do good in the world. However, you’ve been able to overcome negative situations before by using your inner strength.

Block out the noise from the internal criticism. Replace it with empowerment from the superhero inside. You are stronger than you think and more than capable to handle anything that comes your way. 

8. Be Who You Want To Be In The Future

Everything you do today impacts you in the future. If you want to be positive, feel good and do good in the world, you must start making decisions in your life that will shape the person you become.

Imagine what it would be like to achieve all your goals. What type of person are you? What are you doing? How are you doing it?

Be who you want to be in the future right now. The hardest thing to do is starting. Small steps now will take you on the journey to the reality you crave. The more positive actions to you take, the more your future dreams will become a reality,

9. Act In Good Faith

Treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Do you want respect? Give respect to others. Want them to be nice to you? Make sure you’re nice to them.

More than that though, if they do something wrong to you, don’t react badly and retaliate with something worse. They may just be having a bad time right now and reinforcing their negativity isn’t going to help anyone.

Act in good faith and be gracious, even if they aren’t. This will attract good energy in the long-run.