UNITED STATES—Looking for a comfortable and safe place in New York? If you just came to the city, then you probably don’t know for sure what location you should pick. Consider, for instance, a Green Point apartment. Here you can rent a room in a luxurious co-living apartment without getting worried about the safety or proximity of your residence. 

What is communal living (or co-living)? It is a communal lifestyle where you share rooms with other people. It can be the common living room, kitchen or your bedroom.

The apartments of this type, including a Greenpoint apartment include a private bedroom, co-living room, shared kitchen, bathroom and gym. Often people living in the same space are connected by common activities-study, leisure, or work. Or, you can stay out of other people’s lives by living in your apartment and minding your own business.

Things to consider while looking for a common living apartment

You should always look for certain criteria while searching for a suitable coliving:

  • Location – you will have to search whether there is a close proximity to every establishment that you need. This includes shops, hospitals, leisure facilities, etc. By living in the Greenpoint area you are always close to cafes, bars and restaurants. So, you can always have some fun by yourself or with your roommates by trying something new.
  • Cost – make sure that the co-living apartment is affordable. In most cases, communal living houses are cheaper than buying your own apartment, because the costs are split between the residents. But you will have to double check, because the price for each co-living apartment is different. 
  • Community – if you are renting a room through a company, sometimes you won’t be able to see what kind of people will live with you. Fortunately, the Outpost Club always checks the backgrounds of its tenants, so you won’t have to worry.

As a side note: by looking through a website of any coliving apartment company, check the feedback from real people. You should monitor whether this company has been involved in any scandals or had an experience of deceiving their clients. It is even better if you have any friends or acquaintances who have used their services. 

Then, you should study the services that the company provides and its price list. Are there any guarantees for your safety? Will you pay the bills by yourself or with the help of a company? All those questions must be studied beforehand. 

Also, look at the content of a website. The trustworthy coliving company will always provide its clients with pictures or even videos of your future settlement. They will not confuse customers by uploading stock pictures of apartments and use real life images and footage. To make sure that the photos on the website are real, search for feedback with pictures. Compare them to what you saw on a website. If everything matches – you should not be worried that the company will deceive you.

What are the benefits of living in a Greenpoint apartment?

Let’s take a look at the Outpost Club company. It is a community where you can find new friends and have general gatherings, parties and other leisure activities together. Here are also some additional benefits involved:

  • a 24/7 security in all areas;
  • your private bedroom with full-sized beds and, if you wish, additional utilities;
  • you can have your own bath or an extra space with closeting, shelving and bedding;
  • a living room that you share with other members provides everything you need for relaxation – it is a cozy safe space with comfy couches and a TV;
  • a kitchen with all needed amenities. 

There are plenty of shared bathrooms with no long queues – or, you can have a private bathroom for an additional price.

Why do people choose coliving?

If you are socially active, then living in a communal apartment is definitely for you. It is also much cheaper than living on your own. Many people can come together to get through hard times. You can also become close friends with your neighbors who you can count on.

But, there are some disadvantages involved. If you are not ready to share space with a lot of people and see so many faces every day, then it is not for you. For someone it is problematic to share a kitchen or a bathroom with others. The refrigerator and kitchen appliances will also be used by everyone in the community. 

All those disadvantages can be solved by renting a room with your own bathroom. Also, you will have to separate yourself by buying your own kitchenware, towels, cutting boards and many other things. If you use common cookware for hygienic or any other purposes, co-living will make your life harder. 

How to start and move into a new apartment with Outpost Club?

Look at the pictures and price lists on the official website and choose the right option for you:

  1. Fill out the form, and the support will answer you within one day. You will be told whether this space is available right now and what options you have if it is not.
  2. They will have to check your background. It is a common procedure and you have nothing to fear. They just make sure that you’re a reliable person. No one wants to share their space with suspicious people. It is Outpost’s responsibility to take care of every member, so this is for your own security.
  3. If everything is alright, the next step will be the payment of invoices and all related procedures.
  4. Then you are all done. Now you will become a part of a huge family called the Outpost Club. You can move into your chosen accommodation right after payment. 

You can also tell your friends about Outpost and move in together. Don’t forget about the referral program where you will get some money for recommending the community. If there are any questions left, you can always write a message to customer support and start a new life in a friendly community in a short period of time.