A Different Way Of Communicating

UNITED STATES—Sometimes it’s difficult to get one’s point across, even with the appropriate written or spoken word. Emotions can cloud the point you want to make, or anger overtakes you because your passion gets the better of you.

If you are frustrated and angered by this insidious virus around us, you likely are also just as maddened by some suggested outrageous cures and solutions to ridding us of this pandemic. It won’t magically disappear, and using disinfectant injections could kill you. Pitching drugs that have not been tested can be deadly, keeping the scientists off the presidential podium does not further understanding, and blaming China, governors or WHO will not keep us out of harm’s way.

So this time, I’m using my words put to music, in the hopes of stopping myself from throwing shoes at my TV. I had this music video made by a terrific singer who gave my words the exact feelings I want to convey. It made me feel better after writing it. I hope it makes you feel better after listening to it.