HOLLYWOOD—Edwina Pellikka has created a state-of-the-art facility that matches the glitch and glamour of old Hollywood and today’s new-age movie studios, which has not only kept up with the times, but has surpassed what any other facility in Hollywood or around the world has been able to accomplish. The strong-willed, creative genius that is Pellikka is proud of her accomplishments, but reminds us that she’s still ready for the challenges that she must meet in order to continue succeeding in a very competitive industry. “Sure a lot of the movie studios are run by the accountants now, who look for a quick turnaround on their investment, so they go outside of this town and even the nation to find cheap labor, but those who want the best come to us,” said Pellikka. Not only do they come to A Dyeing Art, they find a one-of-a-kind service and product that is unparalleled by any other place around the world.

“Although this facility has been in business for 27 years, I have been in this field for closer to 35 years. In fact, if you want to be honest, someone recently found a photo of me from when I was 2 years old, and there I was holding a paint brush,” commented the artist. “For as long as I remember being alive, I have wanted to paint, and wanted to do what I am doing now and I feel very fortunate that my dreams have come true.”

A Dyeing Art is a printing, dyeing and color studio that works on all types of projects; from people who are interested in projects in their homes, to TV and film studio work, which has included working for the iconic maverick George Lucas, there is no project that is too small or too big. “We did a lot of work for ”˜The Return of the Jedi’ in 1983 and since then, we’ve really worked on this studio and have improved greatly to be able to produce and complete any project we are given,” said Pellikka. The studio has over $250,000 in improvements over the years to be able to match any project it is employed to create or accomplish.

The facility is not only prepared for any project, it is a welcoming studio that visitors are often amazed at its cleanliness and safety. “The security and safety of my employees is of paramount importance to me and also our guests and any visitors as well. I have seen some studios that are filled with fumes, not properly ventilated and frankly, that makes no sense to me. I would never want to create a safety hazard to create art. I think that you can do both, be creative and be very clean and safe at the same time,” affirmed Pellikka.

The facility not only caters to big budget films, but also silk screening is done or even wardrobe design. It simply does not matter what the client is desiring, Edwina Pellikka and her trained and highly professional staff are ready with a smile the minute you walk into the facility until the time you leave. Edwina’s presence is of elegance and you can see first hand upon meeting her that she’s an accomplished woman who loves making customers happy with her unique and one-of-a-kind services. Even the dog in the studio is friendly, but also his safety is important to the staff and the owner as well. They maintain a neat and tidy working environment so that the pooch never encounters any hazardous materials. It’s this fastidious nature that has created and maintained such a safe working environment for all of her staff, who cannot praise Pellikka enough.

Like any other industry today, the studio finds itself dealing with the current economic conditions. However, whatever the project, you can be assured that A Dyeing Art is prepared to take on your job and complete it with the best completion as they have done for over a quarter of a century.

Edwina shares her future plans with us by saying, “My goal is to open studios in New York, Paris and Tokyo. As long as there is a need for quality products, we are more than willing to handle it, no matter where it is.” The creative energy in the Glendale facility is absolutely astonishing. The blend of science and art is captured within the walls of the 4,000-square-foot studio, that utilizes virtually every nook and cranny of the building with a brilliant amount of designs and projects that is mind-boggling. In addition to creating artful products that her clients can only be in awe of, Pellikka is also on the lecture circuit around North America and Europe. She is available for training at facilities around the world, but only if they are willing to create a safe and clean working environment as she has done herself.

From the work she presented to us, it looks like she can do anything any of her clients desire. She showed us the meticulous and sometimes trial-and-error processes that are required to create her work, which is truly a blend of science and art.

A Dyeing Art is a great studio for certain. How could it be anything but great with such a legendary artist and designer running it? No matter what your needs are, it is definitely our suggestion that you take the opportunity to speak with and consult with Edwina Pellikka before you make any decisions about your upcoming projects.

Learn more about Pellikka and A Dyeing Art or contact them through their website at adyeingart.com.