UNITED STATES—Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and as a result, that means it is time to get outdoors and begin work on the yard. That includes the front and the backyard people. It is not just about ensuring the front looks good, you want that backyard to look just as great people.

However, I think it all begins with the lawn. Some people know how to cut the lawn, and there are plenty of people who do not understand the art of cutting grass. There is INDEED a process to cutting the lawn people. I know this because I have been cutting lawns since I was like 10 years old. I understand the difference between utilizing a lawnmower with a bag and those lawnmowers that mulch the grass up so finely you can barely tell the grass is there.

I used to think it was best to have a mower without a bag, I soon discovered as I got older, that is not the case. I think you always want a bagged lawnmower because it gives the grass a great smell; it leads to freshly cut lines. Yes, you have probably heard about lines and lawn care for years. The lines makes your lawn looks like shear perfection people. Neat, pristine and uniform, that is the goal of the lawn. That begins with revving up that mower and starting on the edge. You NEVER and I mean YOU NEVER cut a lawn in the middle.

You start on the edge, go all the way up, you turn around and you come back down, but be careful. Why? You want to slightly overlap your previous cut to ensure you get all of those trimmings properly cut and it helps to ensure your lines are even and straight. Yeah, you have people who simply cut grass with no clear instruction or focus. If you do, that is great, but your lawn will not look great to others.

Once the lawn has been cut you have to discard of the lawn clippings. What does that mean? Use paper bags to dump the clippings, and placed for pickup whenever lawn trimmings or leaves are picked up by your city people. In addition, after the lawn has been cut, you have to trim the edges. If you want the outside to look top tier, a good trim matters. Now you can use a week whacker or you can use an edger. An edger is a bit pricey people and it does require a bit more patience and work to utilize.

With a weed whacker, you want to ensure you are wearing gloves, eyewear to protect your eyes and you want to ensure that tape (that those of in the lawn care industry are aware) is wound up properly. Once that is done, wind it up and go to town edging the grass, which you can clean up later with the blower people. Once you have cut the lawn, trimmed the edges and those hard to get spots with the mower, you can work on sweeping up any debris and prune and trim bushes. Plants, not a big person on that, but if you do, it involves overturning old dirt and replacing with new soil. It’s a hectic and time consuming process. I’m more like get rid of the weeds and degree and ensure the bushes are properly trimmed and looking sharp people.

Mulch there is nothing like fresh much in the flower bed or around those bushes in the front or back of your home. There are those who love red; I’m a proponent of black. I just like the look it provides. You can also use brown mulch which pops just as much as red and black; it just all depends on the color scheme that you choose to utilize for the home. If you have old worn out mulch you might have to pull it, discard it and then replace with the new mulch. It is time consuming so pick and choose when and how you approach mulch. It doesn’t all have to be done in one day, but do so when you have ample time for it America.

Keeping a freshly cut lawn on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can do wonders for your home and your peace of mind. You can look at it and say, damn I’m proud of myself.

Written By Jason Jones