UNITED STATES—With the Premier League more than half-way done, most fans are already drawing conclusions on who 2023’s champion is going to be. And while some are still holding out hope, most have already decided that Arsenal is going to dominate the Premier League. In the 20 matches that they have played thus far, Arsenal has absolutely dominated, rightly earning the number one spot in the 2022/23 rankings. However, the Premier League is far from over.

The Premier League

England’s top tier football league is usually held between August and May, and the same is true this season around. The EPL is not just the biggest competition in England, but the most popular national football league in the world. Watched and enjoyed by people from all over the globe, it is also incredibly popular on the betting scene. And thanks to developments in digital technology, fans can now use online venues to place a bet on the games.

But even within online betting, developments constantly occur. The latest big shake-up is the addition of cryptocurrency betting. Crypto has completely shaken up the financial world. So, it was only a matter of time before businesses begin to accept the new digital currency. So, if you have any interest in cryptocurrency, you can always try Premier League betting with crypto on Sportsbet-io. But, we are here to talk about Arsenal, and how they’ve done in their latest Premier League Matches. So, without further ado, let us take a look.

3 January – Arsenal vs. Newcastle United

Held at Arsenal’s home turf at Emirates Stadium, the 3 January match ended in a rather disappointing score of 0 – 0. Neither team could manage a goal, mainly due to the incredible defense on both sides. However, the 0 – 0 finish did not mean the game was not fun to watch. In fact, quite the opposite. The constant back-and-forth action made for a compelling match, with both sides giving it their best.

Newcastle United are currently the 3rd ranking team in the Premier League, hanging behind Manchester City (2nd) and Arsenal themselves. So, this match could have been their road to progressing higher. However, they remain holding the bronze, as Arsenal gets one step closer to the gold.

15 January – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal

The next match took place on 15 January, and saw the Gunnars go up against the Spurs. Played on Tottenham Hotspur’s home turf, the victory for Arsenal must have tasted all the sweeter. The match ended with a spectacular 0 – 2.

The first 14 minutes of the match were incredibly exciting, with back-and-forth plays galore. However, in the 14th minute Arsenal took the lead. Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur’s goalkeeper, fumbled on defense, and the score changed to 0 – 1.

From there, the Spurs seemed to recover, and played harder than ever. However, not hard enough to block Odegaard’s and Saka’s two-pronged attack. A stunning goal finished the game off with a score of 0 – 2. In the second half, Arsenal was mostly on the defensive, resulting in the Gunnars’ victory.

22 January – Arsenal vs. Manchester United

Finally, the big one. Arsenal’s last match in the Premier League, where they faced off against one of England’s most popular clubs. And what a match it was. Manchester United showed why they have earned the title of England’s most successful club. However, their amazing play was not enough to dominate the Gunnars. After a grueling match, in which both teams gave it their all, Eddie Nketiah clinched the game for Arsenal by scoring their 3rd goal, ending the game in a score of 3 – 2.