A Real Lady, Barbara Kerr Condon, Interview

BEL AIR—Canyon News loves to catch up with the women in Hollywood who are over 25 and making a statement in the industry. Barbara Kerr Condon tells readers what she is planning for 2010 and beyond. The beautiful actress dazzles her fans with brilliant performances in everything she does for television and on film. The wonderful lady answered all of our questions this week and promises to keep us all apprised of happenings in her life and career.
Q-Please tell me how things are going with “Three Times A Lady”?
A-“Things are moving ahead nicely. I am so excited about this project! Every woman and quite a few men who read this project love it and say they cannot wait for it to come out in theaters! That’s a great way to start off with a new film! A lot of the prep work of legal requirements have been completed, and we are now beginning to put together our production team. I have an amazing director interested in the project, and will be announcing that soon. Speaking of announcements, I am in the process of creating an internet presence for ‘Three Times A Lady,’ involving a Web site and all the social sites so people can keep up with what is happening for the film.”

Q-Barbara, the last time we caught up, you were really doing a lot more producing, you are amazing on screen, why are you choosing to be behind the scenes now?
A-“Thank you, Tommy! I love being an actress and that is and always will be my first love. I originally turned to producing a short film, ‘Doria”’ to understand the whole process of making a film more completely, as a sort of self education. Imagine my surprise when my first effort at producing resulted in receiving an award for it! Also producing allows me to act in projects that tell the kind of stories I want to see on the screen – stories that are highly entertaining and have a positive message. Since that first short film I have produced five other shorts and am now doing ‘Three Times A Lady,’ a G-rated romantic comedy feature film. There is a very large market out there, many of whom are being under served in terms of the types of films available to the general public. There are more people in the world besides the 18 to 49-year-olds. I love to tell stories that definitely have appeal for all ages. So producing was a natural course of action to add to my acting career.”
Q-Any idea if you will return to “Mad Men”?
A-“Anything is possible. I would certainly welcome the opportunity, as I believe it is a wonderful series – a modern day morality play, if you will. Should they want Mrs. Lyman back in the story line, I would be there in a flash!”Q-Being a film lover yourself, which film in the recent past and present has touched you most? And why?

A-“Oh, that’s a tough one. This year has had so many great films! I think number one for me, recently, is ‘The Blind Side.’ The story and performances were exceptionally impressive. It delivers a story with heart, a strong, positive message about love, compassion, acceptance and taking action on those very important things. It’s not often you find a film that can appeal to men, women and multiple age groups, but this one certainly does, and does it in an absolutely captivating and wonderful way. I would say I am not alone in that reaction to the film, considering the box office! It is another example of how a film can be entertaining and present a positive message at the same time. This is exactly what I intend to do with ‘Three Times a Lady’. As for other films this year, I could create a list – ‘Julie and Julia,’ ‘Up In The Air,’ ‘Bright Star,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘The Hurt Locker,’ ‘Up,’ and several others. As you can see, my tastes are diverse.”
Q-When will we see you on the big or small screen again?
A-“I have been working on a project that is a whole new experience for me. But I cannot talk about it at all due to the confidentiality agreement we signed. I would love to tell you more about it when it is released.”
Photograph Courtesy: Barbara Kerr Condon