UNITED STATES—This Sunday marks Father’s Day, and I hate to say this, but it’s true: dads receive the short-end of the stick. This is not to take anything from moms because they are great, they are superwomen who can juggle more tasks than most of us can imagine without getting burned out. However, why does it seem that Father’s Day is just another day where most dads don’t receive the acknowledgement or admiration they should receive?

For Mother’s Day people go all out, but for Father’s Day there is that assumption that dads just want to be left alone and to have a bit of time to themselves. That may not always be the case people. Some dads might want to see a bit of love, get a bit of praise, spend time with the family and so much more.

I will note it is so much easier to purchase a gift for dads because they don’t seem as picky as moms sometimes, not to mention I swear it seems you get the best prices on things around Father’s Day. I know I should not be totting this, but I am because if you’re in need of birthday gifts or you’re looking to do any early Christmas shopping this is the time to do it.

I think the first point to deliver is dads are just as important as moms. That is something as a society we are forgetting more and more each day. There are plenty of dads out there who are deadbeats and it’s unfortunate because it impacts the dynamic of the household. The mother suffers financially, so do the kids and on top of that they lack important social skills that I believe are critical to their growth.

Fathers have a ton of impact on the development in their sons and daughters. For sons, there are certain things that a woman just can’t teach no matter how hard they try. For daughters, fathers provide a level of love that I think is so vital for their development of relationships during their lifetime. It has been argued that women who lacked a father figure in their life tend to look for that love in other outlets and a lot of the time it can lead to destructive behavior.

Dads matter people, and so many people might have that argument that a mother hands down have stronger attachments to their children then the father, but I can argue otherwise. This is not to say mom does not matter, because of course she does. However, I think if kids bond quite early with their fathers and that relationship is nurtured over time it becomes unbreakable. I mean my nephew is super attached to his father, and if anything were to ever happen where the relationship falters, the child would want to be with dad 200 percent.

So I’m advocating for all the kids out there who have relationships with their fathers, don’t just give him a card this Father’s Day, spend time bonding with dad, spend time learning things about your father that perhaps you don’t know. Get dad a gift that he might actually like, not all dads want power tools or something for the grill, clothing, cologne, electronics, shoes, jewelry are all other options that can be out that as a gift people. Simply put, dads are just as important as moms and we need to ensure we let our fathers know NOT just on Father’s Day, but every day that you are appreciative they are in your lives.