TOPANGA CANYON—An abandoned gas station on the corner of Topanga Canyon Blvd and the Pacific Coast Highway will be pumping gas once again, but this time as a Tesoro Station.

The construction company behind the overhaul is Anaheim-based R D Builders who according to their website, “does everything from convenience stores, above and below ground fuel systems, car washes and lube centers.”

The superintendent on the project, Ralph Cristerna told Canyon News that the job is estimated to be finished in 90 days.

After the completion of the new Tesoro gas station near the entrance of Malibu, the contractors must receive approval from several departments within Los Angeles County including both the City of Los Angeles and LA County itself. The sectors comprise the Los Angeles County Fire and Health Departments, as well as the Air Quality Management district and the Coastal Commission.

R D Builders have also worked with companies in multiples different divisions, including entertainment, food, hospitality and retail.

The deserted Thrifty gas station shuttered its doors back in 1994 after a destructive landslide.