HOLLYWOOD—We have indeed talked about the Abbott clan quite a bit on “The Young and the Restless” lately. I mean first it was the battle between Jack and Ashley over Jabot, then it was Graham and his involvement with Dina, then it was Kyle swooping in to take control of the company, Jack taking back the reins, only to soon be ousted after learning that John Abbott is not his father. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with Billy in the driver seat of the company. I predicted this to be the case, but as I noted Billy would eventually become power hungry (which he has) rubbing quite a few people the wrong way.

Those individuals being Jack and Kyle! I mean who knew that Dina’s secret would bring father and son, who have been estranged for years much closer together. We still have no idea regarding Jack’s true paternal heritage, perhaps the writers are holding that secret for November sweeps, which is quite some time away to say the least. Audiences were expecting a hostile takeover courtesy of Kyle and Jack who are not pleased with the way Billy is operating things, which I can understand.

Jack has been at Jabot for as long as we know, whereas Billy has jumped in and out. For Phyllis, she is loving every minute because her lover is in the ultimate power position, but be warned Phyllis those on top can quickly fall to the bottom. Jack proposed to Kyle instead of sitting back and watching Billy potentially destroy the family company, they venture out on their own and make a name for themselves. Jack has a valid point, for all we know he is indeed a Mergeron, but as for his Abbott heritage he has none, same goes for Ashley, Kyle and Abby. Only Traci and Billy are true Abbott’s at the moment, and I’m even questioning that as this point! I was going to discuss the Arturo and Abby element, but why bother. It seems like Abby is always playing the role of sloppy seconds to someone else. I mean Nikki take a back seat already, the fact that you were even canoodling with Arturo to begin with was laughable. Open marriage between Nikki and Victor, so glad that story fizzled as soon as it began.

It looks like all the Abbott drama is creating drama for the Newman clan. One would think a near death experience would change Victor Newman for the better, but nope, he’s still up to his same misdeeds. He’s gloating about Jack’s misfortune; he has casted Kyle aside as he no longer needs Jack’s son for this bidding. However, the big surprise was not Nick making the decision to return to Newman Enterprises, but the fact that Victor appointed him COO. What does that mean?

Victoria and Nick are now at each other’s throats to helm their father’s company. All this madness is taking precedence over Nikki, Sharon and Victoria’s concerns about their role in J.T.’s demise coming to light. Too bad the audience will never see what happened, because when Victor revealed he was well aware about Christian’s paternity it led to an explosive battle between Nick and Victor. Nick lashed out realizing his father hasn’t changed and will always use leverage and power to get what he wants. However, Nick found himself in a catch-22, where the thought of losing Christian shook him to the core.

I don’t understand Kyle; the kid is so desperate for Victor’s approval, even though the person he should be seeking approval from is Jack. Victor uses people as chess pieces, even his own family, so imagine what he does with someone who is not blood? It looks like the writers on “Y&R” are revisiting the love tale between Hilary and Devon. I mean you can see it coming from a mile away, which has already raised the ire of Lily. However, the question remains, what will Hilary do to screw things up. We all know she is bound to do it, but will this be the match that destroys the rope? She is pregnant and God only knows we hope this causes the vixen to turn over a new leaf.

There is a bit of welcome news to the soap, Hunter King is returning as Summer Newman. We haven’t seen Summer in quite some time so it’s interesting to see Phyllis and Nick’s spawn to return to Genoa City to raise a bit of hell.