BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, January 7, child actor Adam Rich was found dead in his  Beverly Hills home. Rich is best known for his role as the youngest son of actor, Dick Van Patten in the 70s-80s sitcom, “Eight is Enough.”

Danny Deraney, a representative for Rich, confirmed the death to TMZ, but no cause of death was given.

Deraney thanked all who reached out regarding Adam Rich and left the following statement on his Twitter page:

“Adam was simply a wonderful guy. He was kind, generous and a warrior in the fight against mental illness. Adam did not have an ounce of ego. He was unselfish and always looked out for those he cared about. This is why many people who grew up with him feel a part of their childhood gone. He really was America’s little brother.”

As a child actor, Rich played Bob, alongside Lee Majors in “The Six Million Dollar Man.” He starred in “Eight is Enough” from 1977-1981. He played some small parts in “Code Red” in 1981, “Gun Shy,” “St. Elsewhere” and “Silver Spoons.”

It was 1989, Rich became ill with a type of influenza that settled in his brain. At approximately 20 years of age, he was in a coma for more than a month.

Reports indicate that it wasn’t long after his hospitalization with the flu, that Rich suffered from substance abuse, and some addictions. In 1989, he overdosed on valium. He was in and out of rehab, and at one time landed himself in jail after attempting to break into a pharmacy. Van Patten tht came to his rescue to bail him out after a DUI in 2003. He lived a private life doing some voice work.

In recent years Rich came under scrutiny on social media for his unwavering support for COVID-19 vaccines. His tweeted in September 2021:

“You won’t get the vaccine? But if you get the virus…and become very ill, are you going to go to a church for help or to the doctors (that are all the same and trained in this field of medicine)…telling you to…Please #GetVaccinated !!!”

Rich was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he lived in Florida, where he learned to act. He attended Chatsworth High School in San Fernando Valley.