BEVERLY HILLS—Actor Matt McGorry, best known for his role as John Bennett in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” was told by a Beverly Hills Police Officer that he was not allowed to record the officer who was investigating a traffic incident on Friday, March 24.

McGorry posted the video to his Instagram account after the incident. “It seems that the officer lied about his badge number as well…just FYI** Please put your volume on. This was on Friday. Please swipe left for details. The writing is not as clear as I would’ve liked but wanted to get it out ASAP and kept writing too many drafts. (Feel free to tag people and share in whatever way- media outlets have permission to use this video).”

He informed the officer he had every right to record the incident. When the officer asked to see the actor’s phone for evidence, he answered that he had no evidence of the incident, prompting the cop to turn around and walk away.

“Telling me it’s illegal to film him is a lie about the law that an officer of the law told me (and made me fear arrest for exercising my constitutional right),” McGorry wrote in the description.

According to TMZ, the video drew the attention of top-ranking officials at the Beverly Hills Police Department who invited McGorry to the station to discuss the incident. Officials also wanted to indicate he does have a legal right to record the incident, despite what the officer said in the video that McGorry took.

TMZ reported that McGorry is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and believes citizens should regularly record officers so they will behave properly. McGorry also stars on the ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder” alongside Oscar-winner Viola Davis, where he portrays Asher Millstone.

Written By Darylese Shook and Casey Jacobs