HOLLYWOOD—“Days of Our Lives” actress Judi Evans, 55, was infected with COVID-19 in the hospital. She was hospitalized after a horse-riding accident and has been staying there for more than 20 days. Her representative Howie Tiger Simon posted an update on her condition via Facebook on Monday, June 8.

Evans is an actress who is known for playing Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives.” She won Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for “Guiding Light” in 1984 and was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for “DOOL” in 2008.

Evans suffered injuries from horseback riding on May 16 when her horse got spooked and she fell off. She broke  bones and ribs and was sent to the hospital, where she contracted COVID-19 during her time there.

“Days of Our Lives” actress Judi Evans wrote a note to all her friends, family, and fans.

“She contracted COVID-19 while there and she had what is known as the COVID blood clots in her legs and she nearly had both legs amputated on two different occasions,” said Simon. He mentioned that Evans had mild symptoms including fever, aches, a cough, and blood clots.

“On top of everything, when she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully conscious with no numbing of the area! However, speaking to her on Sunday, she was in good spirits and back to Judi’s “humor” despite all these spiraling turns of events,” said Simon. “She has said she appreciates all the prayers for her, and they’ve helped her mentally, physically, and spiritually! She just wants to continue to test negative on COVID19 before she can go home and get the rest she so needs!!!“