HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that is all I can say about “The Young and the Restless” because I thought this might be teased, but never in a million years did I expect this to transpire. Sally Spectra and Nicholas Newman an item, wowza and it was unexpected because I didn’t think Sally would move on so quickly from Adam Newman. In my gut, Sally is to be with Adam they just have better chemistry, but this once again goes back to what I discussed in my last column: Adam and Nick have shared more of the same women then I can count. It is actually sick and disgusting when you think about it, but here we are.

Nick and Sally are trying to keep things under wraps, but guess what Adam already knows his brother did the deed with Sally. I will admit the writers needed to find a storyline for Joshua Morrow, who hasn’t had much going on for years, so this is a welcome change, but I thought we were moving towards the direction of a romance between Sharon and Nick. Perhaps the audience is going to have to wait a little longer before that occurs.

Adam is now working at Jabot, which has Victor steaming mad, but at the same time it is about to ignite a new war between the Newman and Abbott family yet again. Now normally I would be upset with such a rivalry, but this rivalry gets nasty with what Victoria Newman is up to. Victoria is nothing like her father people, she is actually worse because she has a charm about herself that Victor lacks if we’re being honest. Victoria is planning a takeover of Chancellor-Winters and she is utilizing Nate as her spy to make it happen!

Talk about juicy and talk about a wicked betrayal people. This is a war that I’m all for because when Devon, Billy, Lily (who Victoria has been acting ‘nice’ with) discover what is going on talk about a war igniting. Billy is going to be furious with Victoria and it might result in Chelsea’s mission to get the truth about her link to Johnny being exposed to Connor and it might blow Victoria’s world to pieces in the process. Honestly speaking, I’m all for it. Victoria really needs to understand there are repercussions for one’s duplicity in life and she has not had much of that transpire, and it is long overdue.

Nate already blew up at Devon and quit the company in the process, just as Lily tried to broker peace with her brother and cousin, and Billy found himself caught in the middle of the drama too. Imani is still wooing Nate and Elena put Imani on notice and I was so happy to finally see it done. There is no need to guess here, we’re going to see Nate cheat on Elena with Imani, the same way he cheated on Amanda with Elena. Once a dog, always a dog people, but Nate might be on a high when he accomplishes his goal, but expect his fall from grace to be glorious TV and I’m all for it. The guy has a bit of an ego, one that is too much for my liking.

Kyle is still working behind the scenes to prepare this lavish vow renewal for Summer, but Diane and Phyllis’ bickering and rivalry is certain to blow this event to pieces. Phyllis might be on the backburner for now, but not Nikki who is determined to take down the woman who framed her for murder. How so? Traveling to Los Angeles to pay Deacon Sharpe a visit face-to-face and to make sure he appeases to her needs to ensure this foe is exposed for whatever dirt she has kept under wraps people. Nikki has gone to the right place and right person to take down the woman she despises, considering it’s the guy who helped her craft up this plan to begin with.

I cannot believe I am actually about to say this, I am excited to watch “Y&R” which is something I have NOT said in quite some time.