UNITED STATES—Congress heard testimony on day two of the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump on Monday, December 9. Reporter and radio show host Owen Shroyer was arrested and removed for interrupting the proceedings. Shroyer hosts “The War Room.”

“Jerry Nadler and the Democrats are committing treason, and you can kick me out, but he’s the one committing crimes. You are Jerry Nadler. We’re not going to sit here and watch you run an impeachment scam and remove our vote,” said Shroyer.

Chairman of the House Intelligent Committee, Adam Schiff was not present for Monday’s proceedings. In opening remarks, Rep Jerry Nadler said:

“No matter his party or his politics, if the President places his own interest above those of his country, he betrays his oath of office.” Nadler said multiple times during the hearings: “President Trump put himself before country.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert and Rep. Andy Biggs interjected for a point of inquiry. Gohmert stated, “It’s a point of Inquiry” to which Nadler responded, “He will not shout out in the middle of testimony.

Rep. Collins replied: “You need to call balls and strikes right away. You do not interrupt either one of them, Mr. Chairman. You’re the commissioner for the witness.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke about Congress having a 9 percent approval rating, stating this impeachment hearing is, “Bringing out the worst of us.”

Attorney, Daniel Goldman received a lot of flack from the Republican Congressmen who were asking why he was there since Goldman was not a fact witness.  Gaetz asked Goldman, “Are you here as a partisan advocate for the Democratic position or are you here as a non-partisan investigator of the fact?”  Gaetz then asked Goldman if he was partisan to which Goldman said “no.”    Gaetz then asked how long Goldman and the other witness, Steve Castor have been members of the house.  Gaetz went into the next subject of citing the donations each witness had given to the Democratic party citing Goldman had given 10’s of thousands and Democratic attorney Barry Berke, hundreds of thousands which is public information.  Gaetz then silenced  Goldman with this question. “Do you think if you had given hundreds of thousands of dollars like lawyer Barry Berke did if he would be able to ask and answer your own questions as Barry Berke did earlier?  Gaetz later argued that Goldman was a partisan witness at a bi-partisan impeachment.  Video footage posted on Twitter by Rep. Andy Biggs(R-AZ) shows the verbal exchange in its entirety.

Collins asked Goldman, “You’re a great attorney, but where is Adam Schiff?”