HOLLYWOOD—The downward spiral known as Haleb continued this week in “March of Crimes” which saw the drinking bond between Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) reach new heights. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna lashed into Ali (Sasha Pieterse) about her set-up attack. The Queen Bee unleashed a bit of fury on her friends who are continuing to question her allegiance.


As always, Spencer continued to deny claims that Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) could be involved in all the craziness. “Make sure she doesn’t drink and dial,” whispered Emily. Indeed a funny line. On her way back home, Em’s spotted Noel (Brant Daugherty) in his vehicle speaking or listening to Ali, he later sped off. Hmmm, just what is Noel up to?


Mrs. Marin (Laura Leighton) wanted to find out why her daughter was adamant about not attending Zack and Ella’s engagement party. Their feud led to the discovery that her daughter has been secretly drinking. Aria (Lucy Hale) faced an intense interrogation with Lt. Tanner who got underneath her skin. Ali was definitely shaken by the events that are continuing to spiral out of her control.


Emily found herself being interviewed for the swim coach position and decided to retrieve the Boys Locker Room book and Noel’s locker combination. He’s definitely rubbing quite a few people the wrong way. Spencer confronted Caleb about Hanna’s behavior. The wise liar found herself in a tough position asking Caleb to help Hanna in her time of need. Hanna made it clear that she was no fan of Ali, and Ali found herself face-to-face with Jenna (Tammin Sursok). It was apparent Jenna was taking digs at her enemy; which prompted Ali to ask Jenna how she turned Shana against her.


At the eye doctor, Spencer realized her vision taking a major blow and she witnessed Jenna with
Sydney, but wasn’t able to get the evidence she needed. In Noel’s car, Emily found a bunch of pictures and a device that she stole. He had pictures of Ali when she was “dead,” and she asked her BFF to come to the hospital, where “A” left a message “Can you c me yet?”


Aria decided to confront Zack about his possible interest in Hanna by devising a scheme to see how her mother’s boy toy would react. Emily confronted Sydney about knowing Jenna, and Jenna became super defensive. It was apparent that Sydney was in a super uncomfortable position. Caleb decided to question Hanna about her reason for not going to the engagement party because of Zack. Finally, Hanna divulged that Zack hit on her, which pushed Caleb into a fiery rage.


Aria was a bit uneasy in speaking to her mother about going through with another marriage, and she asked her mom how well she knows Zack, as he hit on Hanna. This prompted Ella (Holly Marie Combs) to recall an incident that concerned her. Caleb decided to confront Zack about hitting on Hanna, which led to a fist to the face. He is indeed a badass!  He later began to question Hanna about the possibility of “A” getting involved in the mix.

Sydney mentioned to Emily that she met Jenna at the hospital in Philadelphia. She admitted that she begin to like Emily, who unleashed some wicked threats to her newest enemy. Must say, I like the new and improved Emily who is a beast when she’s angry. Spencer decided to hide the photos of Alison, unaware that “A” was watching her every move, and Spence panicked when she realized she was being watched by Noel. She grabbed a poker and attacked her intruder. He revealed Alison has no idea that he has that evidence against her and he revealed he got the pics from Shana who had sent them to Jenna. The kicker: he revealed he was in Toby’s house right before it exploded. Wow, game-changer!


Aria and Hanna patched up their relationship; tears to my eyes. Ashley and Ali discussed the cancellation of the engagement party. Lt. Tanner contacted Ashley who wanted to speak with Ali about the gentlemen who broke into the Marin house the night before. It unnerved Ali because the entire truth could be revealed. Bryon (Chad Lowe) comforted Ella after realizing that she ended her engagement.


At the police station Ali sees a disheveled gentleman whose story matched directly with what Ali told the police. It left the Queen Bee a little jittery (wondering who covered for her). Back at the eye doctor, “A” was seen playing a recording of Ali’s recollection of events that transpired. Only three more episodes before the season finale “PLL” fanatics!