HOLLYWOOD—It seems in Hollywood having a sex tape is the new craze. It can turn an unknown, into celebrity overnight; just see Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and many others who have become casualties of this trend. The newest comedy to invade theaters this summer “Sex Tape” starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal examines what happens when a tape gets leaked. The movie definitely pushes the envelope in regards to the raunchy factor.


Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segal) are trying to find a way to spice back their sex life; the way things used to be before they had kids. So the duo decides to come up with the unique idea of creating a sex tape of their escapades. The rest of the movie revolves around the couple attempting to retrieve the tape that has accidently been released into the cloud (that place where you can retrieve any content you want even if you delete it).


The comedy ensues when the couple does nearly everything in their power to prevent friends and family from getting their hands on this raunchy tape that was to be deleted soon after it was made. Such participants include Annie’s boss, Hank (Rob Lowe), Tess (Ellie Kemper) and Robbie (Rob Corddry). Along the way, the married couple faces outsiders who attempt to extort funds from Annie and Jay, in exchange for keeping the tape out of the wrong hands.

Diaz has proven in the past that she’s not afraid to go there when it comes to comedy, take a look at her hilarious work in “Bad Teacher.” Audiences can’t forget about Segel who went full-frontal in his smash hit “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” His work in that flick was much more hilarious compared to what he and Diaz deliver in “Sex Tape.”  


A movie that is intended to be over-the-top funny, exhausts those laughs by dragging a picture much longer than it should be. Be warned the whole notoriety about creating a sex tape is not as fame driven as some may suspect. Take a wise note, stay away from making home videos. “Sex Tape” is an example of that, even though it’s not as hilarious as most people think it is.