HOLLYWOOD—Sometimes the perfect movie, is an indie. “Snowpiercer” starring “Captain America” star Chris Evans, is a high-octane action thriller that grips you from the very beginning to its surprising end. The movie which is directed by Bong Joon-ho, brings something so original and tantalizing to the big screen it’s hard to take your eyes away.  The film takes place in the near future, where an attempt to halt the idea of global warming backfires in a major way, creating an ice age that kills most of the human race. Those that have survived are now patrons on a fast-moving, gigantic train.

A fascinating plot-point of the picture is it’s a tale about a class system. Even though most of the Earth’s inhabitants are dead, those who have survived have managed to distinguish themselves amongst the bunch. The very rich are at the tip of the train, the poor and destitute live at the tail end of the train.  Those who have been repressed are now determined to take action, and their leader is Curtis (Evans). The revolt sees our group of heroes including Curtis, Edgar (Jamie Bell), Gilliam (John Hurt), Yona (Go Ah-sung) and Namgoong (Song Kang-ho) fighting their way to the top of the train.

Where as with any revolt lives are lost, and spirits are tested. Alliances are made and also broken. Each train car contains a new set of threats for Curtis and his followers.  As a spectator, it’s never quite known what surprise will be delivered to the audience, which keeps the level of suspense quite high in my opinion.

The destitute have no idea of the luxury that lies before them, so when they discover that all isn’t as it appears; it enrages them that much more. The script written by Joon-ho and Kelly Masterson mixes a perfect balance of addressing issues involving climate change, environmentalism and class systems. So many of us have little idea to the horrors of global warming, but it’s indeed out there. The concept is simple if the powers that be aren’t balanced, the Earth becomes an Ice Age as “Snowpiercer” depicts or it can be a heated fireball, where survival is nearly impossible.

Our survivors have no idea of what lies outside of the train, in fear that no sign of life is possible, but it soon becomes apparent that all life hasn’t been lost. Tilda Swinton is a revelation is the wickedly evil Mason, who stands as an obstacle for our heroes. The actress just knows how to pick such a juicy role and make the best out of the character that she is portraying. As with any culture, there is a top tier, and that person is Wilford, who is portrayed by actor Ed Harris. He maintains the hierarchy on the train that has forced many of the poor to results to unbelievable horrors to survive.

The climax of this movie is so intense, one has no idea what is going to transpire; it’s ultimately about a tale of redemption and examining to what extents some will go to, to ensure survival of the human race in its worst times. It is scary, disturbing, but surreal at the same time. Place yourself in the shoes of these characters, and ask the question of what you’d do in such a situation? Some of the tactics might be quite similar to ensure survival.

“Snowpiercer” has turned out to be one of the funniest rides I’ve had this summer. It’s clever, original and a movie that is not afraid to tackle such controversial issues. Most moviegoers might be hesitant to check out this action-thriller, but it’s a ride that you will want to take over and over again after the first watch.