HOLLYWOOD—Many audiences turned out in waves to catch the newest comedy by funny lady Melissa McCarthy. “Tammy” is a raunchy comedy that stars McCarthy as a woman who finds her life in shambles, after losing her job.


The question that many are asking is rather “Tammy” is a flick that has been seen before? In some cases, yes! McCarthy plays a potty mouthed woman who has no shame in the language she uses, not to mention her over-the-top antics.


I mean the whole bit with her robbing the fast-food restaurant where she once worked, it’s absolutely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time. The movie has a typical narrative of a character that faces one life crisis after another and is forced to decide what direction she plans to move forward with in her life. Her husband is a cheater, her parents are no help, she just lost her job, so what is Tammy (McCarthy) to do?


Take a road trip with grandma, portrayed by a hilarious Susan Sarandon. Sarandon indeed depicts some comedic chops one would not expect. Tammy’s reckless behavior is nothing compared to that of her grandmother. The two are a perfect combination for one another.  


The big issue with the comedy is we’ve seen Melissa McCarthy in this role before, “Bridesmaids,” “The Heat,” “Identity Thief,” “The Hangover III.” It’s like she’s playing the same character time and time again, just with a different name.


The picture is directed by McCarthy’s real life husband Ben Falcone, who holds together a solid movie. McCarthy wears many hats for this film, not only as its star, but as a producer and writer for the script. Is “Tammy” a hilarious hoot? Without a doubt! Is it full of raunchy laughs? Without a doubt! Do we have surprising actors in roles you’d never expect them in? Absolutely! Is it completely original? Not so much.

We’ve seen McCarthy in this role time and time again. Its a given the actress can do comedy, but we’ve seen so much raunchy, pouty-mouth behavior from the actress, it would be interesting to see a comedy that shows her comedic chops without relying on caricatures that she has displayed in her previous works.