HOLLYWOOD—Another episode, another major shocking death on HBO’s “True Blood.” If you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode MAJOR WARNING AHEAD!!! The final moments delivered an epic tearjerker as Alcide (Joe Manganiello) was fatally shot by the townspeople of Bon Temps. Yep, they went there, but let us rewind a bit.


The episode opened with a yoga session involving the devious Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp); just what has this riveting lady been up to and why is she so important? We’ll decipher those things a bit later. Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten) questioned Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) about when he contracted the H-vamp virus; he divulged about a month ago. She was quite upset with his lack to fight for his survival, which treated the audience to multiple flashbacks of Pam and Eric’s relationship dating back to 1986 in France. The audience discovered that Nan Flanagan (of the Vampire Authority) was working with the Yakunuma on a blood type to provide vampires a fix for human blood.


Alcide panicked when he realized that Sookie (Anna Paquin) went missing; he darted to Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) residence. Bill and Sookie took a road trip as she implemented her last plan to draw out the H-vamp crew and to rescue Arlene (Carrie Preston), Holly (Lauren Bowles) and the rest of their friends. Our heroine was forced to consume Bill’s blood in his attempt to stay connected with her if danger came knocking.


Adilyn and Adam where about to share a kiss, but found themselves being interrupted by Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Andy (Chris Bauer). She warned her father, anything that isn’t human is in danger, as the townsfolk have gone amok. Sam (Sam Trammell) found himself in a sticky situation, where he came face-to-face with a gun-totting mob, who disposed of his vampire protector. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) poured out his heart to Violet, which forced her to question his masculinity. Their discussion was interrupted by Andy and Jessica who requested their assistance. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jessica’s boyfriend are growing quite close, to the point where the friends almost became lovers. I wonder how Jess will feel about that.


Holly found herself being used by the H-vamps to lure out more humans for blood. It looks like the series is heading back to its core, as Sookie and Bill rebuild their relationship. She informed him that Alcide loves her more than she loves him. Violet, Jessica, Andy and Jason came face-to-face with the human mob, and Hoyt’s mother paid the ultimate price with her life, before the humans fled for safety. Jessica was shot, and it was revealed that she isn’t healing. Uh-oh! A flashback revealed that Bill was quite happy with his family, before he was shipped off to war. Wow, Bill had a family, who knew?


Sookie tired of waiting for the H-vamps to show up, cut her leg opening the door for an attack. Willa has had it tough lately and things only got worse, when the reverend rescinded her offer to his home. Seems Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) is crazed by human blood. A flashback revealed Pam being close to death, if it wasn’t for Eric making that choice she would have been a goner. Back in the present, our toughest vampire to date revealed that he had come to terms with his death and Pam needed to accept it. She refused and informed Eric that Sarah Newlin was still alive. This prompted a rage in Eric that saw him back to his true form. It seems Eric and Sarah have unfinished business. Speaking of Sarah, she was sleeping with her yoga instructor, who found himself confronted by the Yakunuma who sliced his head off.


Holly stumbled across Bill and Sookie, which led to an ambush, where Bill and Sookie nearly paid the true death, but Sam, Alcide and the rest of the gang rescued them just in the nic of time. The final moments involved a heated discussion between Alcide and Bill, which resulted in the townsfolk fatally shooting Alcide. This shattered Sookie, who was placed in a tough situation, where her friends were willing to turn Alcide into a vampire, but she refused; and just like that another fan favorite bites the dust. Its apparent more bloodshed is on the horizon, and I fear the waterworks are just beginning for the fans. Until next Sunday “True Blood” lovers!