UNITED STATES—We all know that guys with a nice car tend to have a very pretty girlfriend. What if you’re an average guy with an average job? How are you supposed to attract the ladies? Well, if you know the right affordable cars to buy, then you have a great chance of getting women to take an interest in you. By looking at how cars impact attractiveness and the sorts of vehicles that you can afford, you will see that every man has a shot at being the guy with a cool car.

The Vehicle Affects the Perception of a Man and his Attractiveness

It’s important to understand the impact that a man’s car can have on his overall attractiveness and where that notion stems from. Based on numerous studies and surveys, a more expensive vehicle is equated with higher scores of attractiveness for a male. However, that doesn’t mean that all women are gold diggers. What it means is that women are more tuned into men that are successful because they can act as protectors and providers. It’s the same way that men look at intelligent women- you want the best for yourself. A man with a nice car demonstrates that he has the means to support himself and more, and that’s attractive. Some women also just love nice cars and that will give some bonus points to the man behind the wheel. There are several factors that go into a vehicle’s effects on the perceptions of a man, but it’s also important to keep in mind what they represent.

Cars Are an Extension of Ourselves

A vehicle is one of the most significant investments that a person can make. The way that a person takes care of that investment can say a lot about them. That’s why it’s possible to view cars as an extension of men, and it’s also why women can look at a man’s car and know what kind of guy he is. For example, if a man drives a work truck that has a bed loaded with tools, she knows he’s a blue-collar worker. If that same truck has rust on it, then he’s not taking great care of it, and he might be all about using a tool until it fails instead of maintaining it. What could that say about a relationship? It doesn’t seem good in that line of thinking. On the other hand, if a man drives an older car that is carefully waxed and detailed, he might not be loaded with cash, but he knows how to take care of things. Another thing that women look at is the type of vehicle. An older mustang might be used because the guy has a thing for going faster than he’s supposed to while a Lexus is for a man that likes to flaunt his money. If he has a jeep, then he probably enjoys going off-road. These elements combined with the man’s treatment of the car demonstrates why it’s so easy for women to look at men that have nicer cars and be impressed.

Top 7 Affordable cars to impress a girl

Just because a car is expensive doesn’t make it attractive. There are times when a more affordable vehicle looks or behaves better than more expensive ones. Just take a look at the Kia Soul- it looks totally ridiculous even though it costs a fair amount of money. That’s why we went to the pros to get a list of cars that have a good balance of looks, function, and lower costs. Experts from ebonyflirt review site shared with us a list of top 7 affordable cars to impress a girl

  • Chevrolet Camaro
    • Get some affordable muscle in your garage
  • Ford Mustang
    • Mustangs are hit or miss for handling, but they look good
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
    • An affordable, good-looking SUV
  • Mazda Miata
    • It’s a small sporty car but it packs a punch with horsepower
  • Nissan 370Z
    • A sleek sports car with room for you and a beautiful woman
  • Honda Insight
    • It’s an elegant car for executives
  • Kia Forte
    • An everyday compact sedan with lots of gizmos

As you can see, many different vehicles can be described as affordable and attractive to women!

Cars are part of a man’s identity. He has to choose a car, use it, and care for it in some manner. You can still drive an affordable car as long as you’re willing to take care of it. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on style to achieve the right look. The next time you’re going car shopping, take a look at some of the vehicles that are listed above and see if one of them looks and feels right to you. The ladies will thank you for it!