HOLLYWOOD─I honestly thought last week’s episode of “AHS: 1984” was the season finale, but man was I duped. Why? Last week was the penultimate episode, and set the stage for the bloody finale in ‘Final Girl.’ Yes, I loved the title as it harkened to the general rule of 80s horror, where one person survived the mayhem, in this case the final girl. Margaret, Richard and Bruce had their plans in place, as did Brooke and Donna. Throw in the counselors whose souls have been trapped at the camp and you have a ton of chaos going on.

Oh, I forgot to mention Mr. Jingles, whose journey to seek vengeance against the Night Stalker was left up in the air after reuniting with his mother and younger brother Bobby. So things kicked off with a jump to the present, with a mystery guy looking for Camp Redwood, and from the images the audience saw, there was bloodshed in 1989. He came across Montana, who was stunned to see a cellphone. So this mystery player is Bobby Richter, Mr. Jingles son, who wanted to find out what happened to his dad.

Montana and Trevor explained to Bobby that everyone at the camp were ghosts, and that his father has not been seen since he was pulled into the lake. Margaret killed her assistant, unaware that Trevor was turning guests away. She planned to take out her hubby, but Montana urged her lover to return back to the entrance of Camp Redwood to bring him back to life. So it all makes sense, if you die outside the campgrounds, you’re dead forever, but Brooke, helped Trevor cross back onto the camp grounds to give him a change at rebirth.

The ghosts teamed up to take on Margaret, Bruce and Richard. Trevor took out Bruce, but Richard and his powers from the Devil made killing him quite difficult to say the least. Montana utilized her charm to force Richard to let his guard down. Montana and the others enacted a bloodbath on Ramirez that was downright bloody in every fashion. And he was repeatedly killed over and over and over again for the past 30 plus years.

This feels like a creepy ghost tale, where Montana and Trevor were our narrators for the mayhem that has transpired at Camp Redwood for decades. Richard found a way to escape repeated death, and overheard a conversation between Montana, Trevor and Bobby, and went into attack mode. Bobby managed to get mere inches to the exit, but was stabbed in the back. Richard planned to finish off Bobby, but the campers managed to save him from certain death.

Bobby had a conversation with Donna where he learned that his father was innocent and framed by Margaret Booth. Donna recounted Halloween 1989 where Brooke and the campers got their vengeance on the woman who was responsible for their demise. Donna first took a stab at Donna, before Brooke was fatally shot. The campers decided to end Margaret in vicious fashion by dispatching of her limb by limb, before dismantling of her remains off of the camp grounds to ensure she never returned. Damn, that was one hell of a bloody death people. So Brooke died and Donna was ‘The Final Girl’ must say that was a twist I never saw coming. Donna informed Bobby she never sent him any checks, so there was another survivor America! Wow, Donna was surprised to learn that Brooke survived and was the person sending checks to Bobby. A flashback revealed that a kiss from Ray may have brought Brooke back to life, as he helped her cross the campground to seek safety.

What the hell Bobby, after everything Donna and Brooke just explained to you, you’re about to return to Camp Redwood to sign your death warrant? Back at Camp Redwood, Bobby came face-to-face with Margaret, where Jingles met with his son. It was a bittersweet moment, but Margaret wanted to be the final girl just as Bobby’s grandmother rescued him, slicing Margaret’s throat in the process. Bobby managed to escape, and we finally get the happily ever after in a horror movie that we actually want. Did I expect an explanation why the souls were trapped at Camp Redwood? Yes, but perhaps we’ll get a sequel people!