HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Officials from the Los Angeles Police Department including a helicopter arrived at Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home after her security alarm was triggered on Monday, August 13. Authorities were quick to arrive at the singer’s home due to her previous problems with break-ins, including one in May.

TMZ was first to break the news and  captured video showing multiple police cars on her property and a helicopter hovering over the home. The alarm was accidentally triggered and not the result of a potential burglary. The singer was not home during the incident.

Back in May, police arrested Eduardo Leon after he broke into Rihanna’s home and spent the night there, claiming he was waiting to meet up with the singer. He was charged with one felony count each of stalking, first-degree residential burglary and vandalism, and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

On May 9, Leon is accused of hopping a fence and entering the residence owned by the singer, who was not at home during the incident. According to reports, Leon informed authorities he was waiting in the home to have sex with the singer. He spent about 12 hours inside the home and was arrested on May 10 after being discovered by the singer’s assistant.

This is not the first incident the singer has encountered with stalkers. She recently sold her Pacific Palisades home in 2016, after an incident in October 2013 where Jonathan Whooper attempted to break into the home after throwing a chair through a glass door. In 2014, a homeless New York man was arrested after he delivered offensive hand-written notes to the singer. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. In 2016, police investigated another incident of a stalker after a man posted a selfie outside of the Pacific Palisades mansion.

The 30-year-old singer, who is known for her hits “Umbrella,” and “Work” has been working and promoting her Fenty Beauty make-up line via social media. She was recently on the cover of British Vogue for the month of August and appeared in the movie “Ocean’s 8” alongside Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock as Nine Ball.

Written By Nina Garza and Casey Jacobs